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Permanently Delete iPhone Data Using Wondershare SafeEraser

Deleting your files from your phone to make space for new apps and files is a common thing but have you ever thought the data you delete is really not deleted, it actually stored in the temporary memory of your smartphones so that they can be easily recovered from your phone. The same thing is much common in iDevices and therefore, if we use any data recovery software such as Wondershare Dr.Fone For IOS then we can easily get those files which you have deleted from the first day to now.

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As no one wants to share their personal data and files with anyone else. Then you should make sure that no data recovery tool is able to get the deleted data back on your iDevice. Sometimes what people do is they give their phone to their friends, family members or sell it out without deleting their files from the phone. It’s your biggest mistake because without permanently deleting files on your iPhone you shouldn’t give it to someone and to permanently delete files on your iDevice you can use Wondershare SafeEraser. Which I guess is a great software(according to my use). This software helps you to completely delete all the files stored in your phone as well as temporary memory.

2 Ways To Delete Your Data

Yes, this software give you two different ways to Permanently delete the data present on your iDevice.

  1. Deleting Files From Temporary Memory: First of all, if you have already deleted files on your iPhone and want to give to it someone or whatever the situation is. Then you can use this mode for deleting files from the temporary memory of your iDevice.
  2. Permanently Deleting All The Files On The Phone: This is the another mode which can be used to permanently delete your files from your iDevice. It can be used to delete both data’s one stored in Phone memory and other saved in the temporary backup memory of the phone so there is no trace left.

Wondershare SafeEraser Permanent Delete iPhone Data

3 Different Modes Of Deleting Files On Your Device:

  1. Low(1 Pass): Erases data from your iDevice by writing a simple pass of zero’s over your entire data on your iDevice.
  2. Medium(2 Passes): It helps in easy erasing of data from your iDevice by deleting all the files from your iDevice and filling it up with any random data from the internet or from your computer.
  3. High(3 Passes): Its the best and secure way to permanently delete data from your iDevice. This mode uses DOD 5220 – 22 M standard for permanently deleting data from your iDevice. This mode might take longer time than others but it’s recommended because this mode will permanently delete all the files and data stored in your iDevice and no one know will be able to recover file from your iDevice.

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Sometimes only deleting data from your phone is not enough you also need to delete it from your temporary memory where it stores all the backup files which can be used for restoring your phone to the position it was given to the person whom you have given it to. You can easily delete the files from your device by using Wondershare SafeEraser.
You can purchase SafeEraser starting from S29.95 to $49.95, but before you purchase it don’t forget to get its free trial.

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