5 Valuable Tips to Maximize Social Media Marketing

Social media is a very useful way of getting in front of your target audience or perhaps staying relevant in your “field” market. Hence, you need these 5 valuable tips to maximize social media marketing to a great extent.

As a brand, there’s a huge need to know how to interact and how to make your audience stay engaged with you. That’s because these interactions foster a good relationship and make your audience know, like, and trust you which is the ultimate thing if you want to make sales in business.

In this article, you will learn exactly how to boost engagement with your social media fans. Keep reading…

Tips to Maximize Social Media Marketing

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Five Valuable Tips to Maximize Social Media Marketing

#Tip 1:  Device a manageable strategy

Strategy is what distinguishes a failed business from a successful business and to boost your social media engagement, you will need to device a good one.

For your sake, I have highlighted five (5) working strategies that are sure to simplify your social media engagement efforts.

  • Management – Just as any brick and mortar business, you need a good management skills to boost your social media engagement. You will need to plan when to post, that is your posting frequency. How many times do you want to post per week? How many hours will you spend in sharing and cross-promoting your content?

These and many more questions are what you should ask yourself. Follow through with the answers you come up with and you’re sure to get good results.

  • Design – Content is truly the king but without a good design to aid your content, you might as well be speaking to crickets.

You will want to design a good cover banner for your social media Fan page or group. Plus get some other basic creative.

What this does is that it makes people think of you as professional and that singular act alone can make an audience like and want to do business with your brand.

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  • Content creation – This is where it gets real as this process focuses on strategizing and creating valuable contents. As you might have noticed, the buck of the things that makes the internet (online business) work is content.

You will need to consistently churn out branded contents in order to stay relevant in the face of your audience. Again, this will make them know, like and trust you.

And remember, people only buy from whom they know, like and trust!

  • Content-engagement monitoring and interaction with followers – As you begin to post your branded and valuable content, people will start to react to it by liking, commenting and maybe sharing it.

These likes, comments, and shares are what we call engagements and as a savvy social media manager, you will want to be taking note of these things. They are your metrics!

The higher and the consistency in the number of likes, comments, and shares means you are doing something right and you want to keep doing and tweaking your strategies.

  • Determining your target audience – This is perhaps the most important factor on this list.

It’s the most important because it’s far easier and reassuring to get good reactions and maybe sales from customers who want to buy what you sell.

To illustrate: I like beans and in fact, it’s what I want to buy and eat right now! But Ryan came, marketing rice to me. Do you think I will buy the rice from Ryan?

Obvious answer is NO, right?

In this light, if its business you’re into, then you want to as much as you can create contents that are business-focused. Plus you want to be on LinkedIn sharing these contents as that’s where business minded people hangout.

#Tip 2: Create Visual Interest

If you want to really get into the eyes and hearts of your target audience, then you will want to appeal to their emotions with visual content. By visual content, I mean using images to convey your messages.

There are some users just like me who really don’t get the message via mere text but will however, do with a proper image that contains the same block of texts. Infographics can be very handy in this case.

#Tip 3: Use Call to action –

Simple calls to action such as “Click like if you agree” often work well, so long as the preceding statement or question is relevant.

Asking people to add their comments is good too. But, it’s the Share that will likely create the greatest exposure for your page or profile.

#Tip 4: Retweet and Link to Other Content –

This is a surefire way of becoming popular and getting seen, known, liked, and trusted amongst authority figures.

What you are doing is simple; you are promoting their contents on your profile. The more of their contents you can share is the more chance you have of becoming visible and hence, your social media presence is boosted!

#Tip 5: Share at the Best Time –

There may not be an exact best time to post, but data analytics from SumAll found the optimum times to post on various platforms as follows: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. EST for Google +, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. for Twitter, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for Facebook, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. for Tumblr, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. for Instagram, and 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. for Pinterest.

I’ve personally found out that women are always online from 10pm to about 1am and because to a large extent they are my target audience, I always stay back during this period to roll out my thoughtful and branded (to these women) content.

You just need to study the times your friends always come online and exploit that profitably.

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Conclusively, you would have succeeded in boosting your social media engagement over 100% if you religiously follow through with these five powerful tips.

Are there any more tricks or tips to maximize social media marketing that I didn’t mention? Please feel free to use the comment box below to mention them.

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