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Why the name of this app is Game killer, the reason behind this is still unknown because this app is not for killing games. Game Killer APK (Gamekiller) is an Android app to modify or hack gems, coins, etc. of Android games by using memory modifying.

Game Killer is one of the most downloaded app not available on google play store, more than 10 million users worldwide have downloaded it, and that number is growing exponentially.

Though Game Killer is powerful yet this is easy to use, and supported by a maximum number of games and is compatible with the latest version of androids like Marshmallow and Lollipop.


You can download Game Killer APK freely without any survey and read detailed step-wise procedure on using Game Killer on this site. Game Killer based on the technique of memory modification, granting any user the ability to tweak the currency values or HP of games installed on your Android device. Or, in simple meaning: Game Killer provides you hacked version of your favorite games for profit and fun.

Sounds interesting, right? But stick around for a moment before rush off to download and install Game Killer APK on your device. You need to do a few prerequisites to make the app run successfully. Failure of any these bellow explained steps in the account would result in frustration and irritation; nobody wants that.

  • First: Rooted Android device

By getting reviews around the world, the first step that trips users up the most- rooted Android device. Rooting your device is not always a beginner-level task, but Game Killer does not run without root access.

Many apps on the internet market can help you to root your Android device; a quick google search for that app will not work for you. That’s why we recommend kingrootapk because it supports a maximum number of devices and doesn’t require PC to root. Or , Check How to Root Android without PC (Top 10 Rooting Apps)

One acknowledges if their device is rooted. If you’ re unsure then launching Game Killer will result in a telltale error named ‘insufficient permissions.’

  • Second: ‘Unknown Sources’ setting option must be turned on

Another frustrated moment that may encounter with the message ‘installation blocked’ error for the new Game Killer users. But this is simple to fix, this requires you to turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option within the security menu or within the device’s ‘Application Settings.’

After enabling that option, Game Killer launch with superuser rights and should install smoothly.

Note: enabling ‘Unknown Sources’ for installation of apps is a security risk. For safety, you should install trusted applications downloaded from the developer’s website.

How to install Game killer apk file?

  1. Download GameKiller APK file by clicking on download game killer.
  2. Then transfer this file to your Android device, if you downloaded this on PC.
  3. Tap on the gamekiller.apk.
  4. If it says “installation blocked,” then enable the Unknown sources option.
  5. Enjoy, the Game Killer will be installed on your android device.
  • Third: Can Hack only Offline Games

Apologies to the dreams of anyone who is hoping to use Game Killer for clash of clans like online games. Game Killer is unable to modify games because their data stored on remote servers, A game must store its life/scores, coins count in the resident memory for Game Killer to access and change it. So this app is not supported and won’t work for online games.

  • Fourth: The Tutorial is not optional

Yes, you read right, Game Killer tutorial in not optional If you succeed in changing the score, life, or coin values, Game Killer’s tutorial needs to be followed to the letter. ‘How do I do this’? Did question attack your mind? Easily avoid this confusion by reading the developer’s FAQ question and save yourself.

At the end one more recommendation: shorten your learning curve and do experiment Game Killer in a simple game app first. That’s right that a lot of mind work involved with getting Game Killer up and running on your Android, but Once set up, it works flawlessly and as promised. Hope you like this Game Killer App download. If you are having any difficulties regarding installing and downloading this Game Killer App, you can contact us through comments.

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