How to Turn OFF Chrome Desktop Notifications has become one of the biggest question among Google Chrome users these days. So, today I have shared this article on How to Disable Chrome Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome and why it is necessary.

Actually, Desktop notification is the feature offered by Chrome and designed in order to make it easy for Chrome users[YOU] to check your updates right from desktop notifications. Its really useful and handy thing when it comes to service like Gmail and Google Docs. It pops on the right side of the Taskbar and even if you’re using another program or doing anything in your desktop.

How To TURN OFF Chrome Desktop Notifications

Why to Turn OFF Chrome Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome?

Desktop notifications feature is good, but some times it can be annoying when too many sites starts notifying you with their ads and other things. Yes, these notofications may include ads in them and can be really annoying and noisy untill you manually stop them.

But if you need few site’s notifications to saty updated, you can also Disable Notifications for particular sites. It is good practice to keep these Notifications for few sites like Gmail. It will let you know when you have a new email. You will see a pop-up when a new message comes i.e. you can track your mail without checking Gmail.

How to Turn OFF Chrome Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome

Turning OFF or disabling Chrome’s Desktop Notifications is very easy task which can be done in 15-20 Seconds. You just need to use advanced setting of Google Chrome. If you wish, you can whitelist any sites, if you want continue receiving update from that sites. It will filter the popups and you’ll get notified by only some sites you want. I have listed all the necessary steps which is required to TURN OFF Chrome Desktop Notifications.

Steps to TURN OFF Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Settings in the Google Chrome, just by typing “chrome://settings” in the address bar and hit Enter.


Click the hamburger icon at the top right > Settings.

Chrome Setting Disable Desktop Notifications

Step 2: Scroll down, you will see “Advanced Settings” option and just click on it.

Advanced Setting of Google Chrome

Step 3: Now click over Content Settings under Privacy option.

Turn OFF Chrome Desktop Notifications in Privacy Setting

Step 4: Scroll to Notifications.

Step 5: Under Notifications option, Select “Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications” To Turn OFF Notifications in Chrome.

Turn OFF Chrome Desktop Notifications

Congratulation, Your Chrome Desktop Notifications have been Turned OFF or Disabled Successfully.

How to Disable Chrome Notifications only for Some Sites

In case, if you’re using some sites which completely works on Notifications. Then you may don’t want to block this features. So, Google Chrome also allow you to enable desktop notifications feature for your desired sites. To enable this follow these simple steps.

  • Go to Setting > Content Setting and select “Ask when a site wants to show desktop notifications
  • It will show you the notifications from the sites you want and the rest will be blocked.
  • To manage your whitelist, check the Manage exceptions setting so that It will stop sending you notifications from those sites.

These were all about Chrome Desktop Notifications and How To Turn OFF or Disable Chrome Desktop in Google Chrome. Hope this tutorial helped you. Share your feedback in Comments & Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks & Keep enjoying Google Chrome.