Opicle Technologies Review – Best Affiliate Ads Network in India

Do you really earn good money from your blog? Is it really enough? I don’t think so. I think you can generate more revenue from the best trusted source other than AdSense? Yes, I’m talking about affiliate marketing. Today on TricksGalaxy, I’m going to share the review about one of the Most Trusted Affiliate Network i.e. Opicle Technologies Review

No any blogger blog for free. In fact, almost every bloggers want to earn more and more income. You should always try to earn maximum money $$$ from your blog because You have to pay to your hosting provider, domain provider & to your workers/authors and the most important is to earn more profit. You must monetize you blog in such a way that you will earn maximum revenue and for that affiliate marketing is one of the best way of earning online.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is an easier method of earning than others like using any Ads Network. It pays higher. Most of the affiliate companies offer PayPal as the payment method. The most interesting point it that affiliate ads are more attractive and you have full control over your ads. So, by doing affiliate Marketing, you can earn a lot of money.

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest method of marketing, where you refer someone to any online product and when a person buys the product based on your recommendation; you will get a commission out of it. This commission amount varies from $1 to $10000. You have to find the product of your interest and you will get paid for every successful action, sale, install etc you made. Most popular networks are CPA (Cost Per Action), CPS (Cost Per Sale), CPI (Cost Per Install) etc.

I know, you are now excited to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing or if you are already into it, here is one of the Best & Trusted Indian Affiliate Network.

Opicle Technologies Review:

Opicle Technologies Network

Opicle Network (Introduction):

Opicle Technologies is India’s Fastest growing Affiliate Ad Network with exclusive offers! To know more about Opicle & their clients just click www.opicle.com. Opicle Network was started in 2014, with an vision of immense growth & appreciation. Their marquee clients are – Foodpanda, NIIT, Flipkart, ICICI Bank, Kotak, HDFC Bank, Jabong and more.

Opicle delivers profitable growth for your online businesses. To deliver the user (you) the best results, Opicle employs the best resources in the field that added Quality to ensures your success of your online business.

Opicle has been affiliated with over 150 companies worldwide and is joined by over 500 active and potential publishers. Opicle has been recognized as Top Affiliate Marketing Provider by Independent Global Survey. It helps Advertisers with great CPI, CPS, CPA and CPC offers and Publishers with valuable offers, with high converting money, detailed reports with it’s robust system and tools. It’s simple, all you have to do is to Join as an affiliate, find products, promote ’em, track sales and earn great commission, great money from Opicle.

Why Choose Opicle Technologies Affiliate Ads Network?

  • You’re free to monetize your worldwide inventory with their clients in a qualitative way.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Opicle provides you a dedicated Account Manager who will help you manage / coordinate ads. Easy accessibility for queries / problems through phone, email, Skype.
  • Monthly Payment: Opicle follow 45 days payment cycle and this would allow you to avail commission directly in your Bank a/c via NEFT or cheque.
  • Exclusive Tool: With the help of our deep-linking tool, an affiliate can easily deep-link their desired product/page from any of our CPS campaigns. Opicle is glad to invite you for exploring opportunity & building a prolonged business relationship.
  • Fraud Management: 100% Safe. Their dedicated and robust system and active team members monitors fake clicks, leads, as well as traffic that is generated by Publishers.
  • Real Time Tracking: Their real-time data driven, in-depth system helps publishers to view leads, clicks, conversion rate, impressions and commission.
  • 24/7 Support: 24/7 Technical Support is always ready to help you in your needs.

Why Opicle Technologies is Best for Advertisers?

Opicle Network Advertiser

Opicle Network has the reach to engage with your ideal target customer and drive quality sales with all possible optimum resources. It provides flexible campaign types including CPC , CPL, CPA, CPI and CPV, that allows you reach your target with a quality traffic.

  1. Quality leads.
  2. Detailed reports and tracking.
  3. 24×7 support.
  4. Dedicated advertiser support.

Why Opicle Technologies is Best for Publishers?

Opicle Network Publisher

Opicle helps publishers, like you, to overhaul your challenges to make money and initially increase your overall monthly revenue. All you need to Sign Up as Publishers and you’re ready to go. Opicle Technologies want you to succeed and for so at Opicle being a publisher helps you to choose from over hundred of offers that varies of niches and is from potential advertisers in order to get the highest possible revenue.

  1. Highly Converting Offers.
  2. Reliable sales tracking system.
  3. Real Time Reporting on dashboard.
  4. Fast payout.
  5. 24×7 support.


Opicle Technologies is one of the Trusted Affiliate Ads Network in India. Opicle has been recognized as Top Affiliate Marketing Provider by Independent Global Survey. Publishers and advertisers both can use Opicle Technologies, its very helpful for you in affiliate marketing. So, what you waiting for, Join Opicle as Publisher OR Advertiser, now!

Disclaimer: This Review is sponsored by Opicle Website.

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4 thoughts on “Opicle Technologies Review – Best Affiliate Ads Network in India”

  1. Great review, man.
    I have heard about Opicle Technologies and I have some friends who are making a lot of money running their campaigns. I applied, but I wasn’t accepted because I didn’t have a solid way of driving traffic. I hope that in the future, I will be able to get in their network.

    • Hi Arbaz, I’m quite glad to see that this review was great.

      First of all let me thank you. Yes, Opicle Technologies is one of the best affiliate network. You will get accepted very soon. One day, You will be earning a lot of money with their network.

      Best of luck for your future & Keep visiting for more awesome reviews.

  2. Hi Ajit,

    Nice Review! I think Opicle Network is very helpful to both publishers and advertisers in affiliate marketing. And it also provides many other features as you listed above. So choosing it is a smart step. Bloggers can easily earn good amount of money if they use it in a right manner.

    • Hey Neil,

      Yea, you are right ! Opicle Network is best for affiliate network for publishers as well as advertisers.

      Thanks for taking time to drop a valuable comment.


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