TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Details & Overview

Hey guys, Do you earn enough money from your blog/website? Is that really enough? I don’t think so….! Because you can MAKE MORE EXTRA PROFIT $$$ from your blog with SAME TRAFFIC.

The present day’s trending is what Peoples are attracted to getting more and more into Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. It is needless to mention here that “To Start Affiliate Marketing you don’t need to have any School, College or Higher Degree, hahahha.

Yeah, you can even Start A.M. just at sitting your Home, Office or Anywhere.

At first, what do you need in Affiliate Marketing is Best Affiliate Network. Today, I am presenting Fully Genuine review of one of the Best Affiliate Network for Blogger which is “Tesla Themes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Details Overview TricksGalaxy

But, before going to it, let me explain in short What is Affiliate Marketing for our newbies blogger or if you’re an expert then you can move directly to the next paragraph.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program Details & Overview

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest and best form of marketing, where you refer or recommend someone to any online product and when a person buys the product which you recommended; you will get a commission highest of 10% to 80% out of it. This commission amount varies from $1 to $10000, depending on what product you are promoting and recommending to buyers.

TeslaThemes (Introduction):

TeslaThemes  is the WordPress Theme & Plugins provider which create and sell beautiful, modern WordPress themes with clean design, powerful features and Free Premium support.

TeslaThemes is currently having over 55-56 Premium Quality Themes and the more than 17k happy cCustomers worldwide. It is the very reputed brand in the WordPress Theme-Industry and are already featured on WPLIFT, TNW, WP TAVERN, WP MAYOR, WPHUN etc.

TeslaThemes Offers Following  Plans:

  • Starter Plan: You can start with STARTER plan $48/theme which is perfect for beginners.
  • Standard Plan: If you need all 55 themes (at present) + Upcoming Theme, then you can Buy Standard Plan which costs $59/year,
  • Developer Plan: If You’re already a developer and need for Agencies then you should buy an $79/year plan.
  • Lifetime Plan: If you don’t want to pay every year, then there is also an option for you. GET All Current Themes + All Up-Releasing themes just by taking one time plan of $199 and enjoying for the lifetime.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program:

It’s really good news for all Blogger, Webmasters and Internet marketers that TeslaThemes also offers their Affiliate Program by which opens more ways for you to make money online.

At the bottom of the review, I have shared some Tips which you can use to earn more from TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

Why I Choose TeslaTheme Affiliate Program:

#1 They Share 50% Commission for All Sales:

There are various Affiliate Marketing company but TeslaThemes offers flat 50$ commission. Suppose, you made a sale of $60, you’ll get $30 as commission.

#2 Same Account for Purchase & Affiliate Dashboard:

Suppose, If you already have an Affiliate Account on TeslaThemes and you want to purchase or vice versa, then you don’t need to create any new account for that, you do All in One Account.

#3 90 Day Return Cookie:

If visitors click your affiliate link for the first time, Then they decided to buy a theme after 60 days, Return cookie will help you get the commissions, if they purchase within 90 days.

#4 2 Tier Affiliate Commission:

This is a great way of making money from an affiliate program. In this, you recommend others to join affiliate programs, and you will get a commission out of it, when sub-affiliate make sales.. It is also popularly known as Sub-affiliate Commission.

So, in TeslaThemes Affiliate, you can earn 50% + 15% extra 2 Tier Commission.

#5 High Conversion Rate:

As the theme rate in TeslaThemes is less and affordable, So, there are more changes for getting high conversion rate.

#6 No Minimum Payout:

There is no minimum payout threshold in TeslaTheme Affiliate Program, so you can even withdrawal $1.

#7 Complete Toolkit for Affiliate Marketers:

If you become affiliate marketer at TeslaThemes then you will have Complete Toolkit including Banners with different sizes with their embedded codes and complete set of affiliate links).

I knowyou’re now excited to Join TeslaThemes Affiliate Programs, below are steps by steps guide by which you can get started with it.

How to Get Started with TeslaThemes Affiliate Program?

TeslaThemes Affiliate Signup

  • Once you have filled all entries, click to SIGN UP,
  • Now, you’ll have your Dashboard, click on “Affiliate Info” tab and there you will get your affiliate links, affiliate banners etc.

Affiliate Overview of TeslaThemes

  • Now, what you have to do is to generate the affiliate link and start recommended/promoting and making the sale.
  • Finally, you’ll end up making $1000/month.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Payment Proof:

If you’re thinking about payout then let me tell you, TeslaThemes is fully genuine and really pays. Peoples of earning decent amount from it and you can see the below screenshot as a payment proof and even you can earn more.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Payment Proof

Sign Up..!

Things You Shouldn’t Do in TeslaThemes Affiliate Program:

  • You should never purchase any theme or plugin from your own affiliate link. Because they won’t give Commission from own purchases.
  • You can’t use PPC advertising to affiliate links.
  • You’re not allowed to use Tesla Themes Brand name in the domain name or PPC keywords.


Finally, we have seen that TeslaThemes offers almost all money making opportunities  in their Affiliate Program which a good Affiliate Network should have.

So, if we write in one line – TelsaThemes Affiliate Program is most trusted affiliate service which gives 50% Direct Commission on any sale + 15% extra 2 tier commissions and High Conversion Rate & 90 Days Cookie is totally awesome. Are you interested in TeslaThemes Affiliate Program?? Join it today & Start Making $$$$ every month.

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