7 Crucial Tips to Create Strong Password in 2018

Create Strong Password: Passwords are usually the fragile link between attackers and your personal data. Users seem more vigilant consistently about their confidentiality and how accessible they are to hacking by cyber culprits. There is a straightforward thing existing between your data and an attacker: your password!!

There are few tools present in the market which will be beneficial for you to check your present password is capable enough or not. How do you equate between the requirement of tremendously protected passwords with the advantage of efficiently recalling them? The one and only protected and strong password is one that you can’t recognize, however, several times you can’t practice a password manager and wish to rely on your mind. Generating a complex and secure password can be critical.

Create Strong Password

Illegitimate access is a probably large-scale problem for everyone who usually uses a computer or devices like smartphones. The corollary for a sufferer of these break-ins can consist the destruction of relevant data like bank account information, that’s why you should create a strong password. One of the ultimate common tricks that hackers use to crack passwords is by assuming passwords. Uncomplicated and frequently used passwords facilitate intruders to effortlessly take access and authority of a computing device. So, always try to create a strong password.

If you are inquisitive to check your password which you have selected is strong or not, you can access it through an online password monitor like “OnlineDomainTools.” However, there are several strong password generator tools such as Norton password generator but still, at the end, you will have to follow some crucial tips.

“Always be confident to use and create a strong password” is the opinion which we see frequently online. We require a password which is secure and not easily assumed. We notice that creating a strong password is preeminent, but how does one literally go about generating and remembering all those arbitrary passwords?

Top 7 Tips to Create Strong Password

Below given are few proven tips to create a strong password and according to traditional instructions, which is still satisfying for creating strong password, has the following points-

#1 Your password should consist of numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters:

Use deviations on spelling, punctuation, numbers, and capitalization. Try to use these distinct characters in your password to form the password harder and stronger to crack.

#2 Has a minimum of 12 characters:

“The greater the password, the stronger it is to crack!” Your password should be lengthy enough such that the hacker will find it stronger to crack. As we are aware that there is no minimal password length but, you should normally go for passwords that are of minimal length from 12-14 characters.

#3 Your password shouldn’t be either a dictionary word or combination of dictionary words:

Any character or word on its own is atrocious. Stay aside from simple dictionary words and sequence of dictionary words. Any sequence or combination of words if they are obvious is dangerous.

#4 Don’t use substitutions:

Your password doesn’t depend on simple or common substitutions such that it will be easier for the hacker to crack it.

#5 Don’t repeat the same password:

Forget to use the same password for more than two devices as hackers who got the password into one machine will definitely try to use the same password to take advantage of others.

#6 Never write down your password:

Users should never write their passwords anywhere as that makes accessible for the passwords to be stolen and used by someone else.

#7 Transform a sentence into a secret message:

Users can translate a phrase or sentence into something tricky that is not easily identified by others. To execute this, use the first letter of each word in the phrase and change each word by any number or symbol. This approach will be advantageous for users and harder for hackers to crack your passwords.

These guidelines make it exponentially difficult for hackers to crack your password and will definitely help you to create strong passwords. The methods used by password crackers have changed to an efficient level. So, it is compulsory to take care of the passwords you create. These are the key points you will see while signing up for any website. People are terrible at selecting random passwords and cracking methods have increased over time. Password techniques don’t support randomness, they strengthen predictability.

One of the difficulty that users face have when it comes to creating strong and complex passwords is a fear of not remembering them when there is a lot to remember. Try to use password managers which will help you to get rid of this difficulty.

Top Password Managers:

Almost all websites have different password specification requirements like a combination of alphanumeric characters in lower or upper case with at least one symbol. We all have a lot of logins for the multiple websites we use, and remembering every password we require is almost impossible! For this reason, you should take help from “password manager.” Below given are the few password managers that will create a strong and secure password and will help you to memorize your variety of passwords.

1. KeePassX– it grants an option to generate a key file but does not do it on its own.

2. LastPass– it generates a key file which can be used to encrypt and decrypt your password information.

3. 1Password– it is also used to encrypt and decrypt password information.

These password managers are very efficient to use and will be accessible on multiple platforms. The work of these password manager starts from the software which generates a database to keep your passwords, which you will encrypt with a long and protected paraphrase.

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