Top 3 Video Calling Apps That Make Keeping in Touch Effortless

Video Calling Apps: Video Calling has turned the world 360° round. You can travel the whole world with your close ones by just downloading a video calling application. It doesn’t matter where you’re sitting, you can talk to your friends and family anytime, anywhere.

First, video calling was only available for desktop users. Gradually, with the introduction of smartphones steering Front cameras, soon video chatting found its way through mobile devices. Now I feel as if the whole world is there in my hand – from messaging, video calling to calling, everything is just a game of few seconds through my Smartphone.

“Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.” So here it is, rather than explaining every bit about video calling, I’ll be providing you with the top three video calling applications for Android OS, Windows and iOS users.

Top 3 Video Calling Apps for Android, iOS, Windows


Facetime App

FaceTime makes it easy for users to smile, laugh and talk with friends and family via their smartphones. No doubt Apple has released some excellent applications for their users like iMessage, iChat and nowFaceTime. Practically, the only set back FaceTime carries is that it is only accessible in Apple devices.

FaceTime is really handy for iPhone users, it is an in – built application on their devices. Many people look for Facetime for Windows, but they can’t get a workaround for it. Therefore, you can experience its features very easily. But for now, let’s put them together.

  • It is very simple to get started – you just need to login through Apple ID.
  • Organise your contact list in few easy and simple steps
  • It supports HD video calls upto 720p
  • Elegant and alluring User Interface
  • Calls can be received anywhere, anytime.
  • FaceTime calls are secure and private; No one can decrypt your calls or messages.



Skype for Android, Windows, iOS

Skype is made to do things together”. You can learn languages, share a story, send pictures, conduct meetings, work with you colleagues and much more. Skype is free as well as paid. Experience some prodigious features by paying a monthly subscription like – phone calls, access WiFi or send text, well it’s your call to take. Skype has more features than you think, Let’s see what I got :-

  • Calling – Skype to Skype calls, call to mobile phone send landlines, group calls and caller ID.
  • Video Calling – very neat and clean one to one calls, Group calling in few seconds.
  • Messaging – Video messages, Emojis and emoticons, send text, send voice messages…
  • Sharing – send files, Group screen sharing, send contacts and screen sharing
  • Skype Translator
  • Skype WiFi


Google Hangout

Google Hangouts

Hangout is another rock solid Application by Google. It works considerably well as compared to other video calling apps. Use Hangout for voice calls, video calling, hop on to the conversation with one friend to an entire group.

Google Hangout makes it smooth and straightforward for users to connect with their friends and family in seconds. Hangout stands out for its tremendous features like –

  • Include friends in group chat over 140 people
  • Turn conversation into video calling including at least 10 friends.
  • Call any phone number in this world, totally free.
  • Message friends anytime, anywhere even if they are offline.
  • Sync your conversation with all your devices like Phone, desktop, and tablet.
  • Express more with emoji’s, animated GIF’s, maps, photos, and stickers.


These were the Top 3 video calling applications for Android OS, iOSand Window users. I have included almost all the crucial points. If I have missed any, please let me know through your valuable comments below. I’ll be waiting for your suggestions. Thank you!

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