Zbigz Premium Account 2018 for Free & Openly without Survey

Hello friends, I am sharing my Zbigz Premium Account with my blog readers openly without any survey. Most of the people already know What the Zbigz is and what Premium Account of Zbigz do.

Everybody want to download torrent files with IDM as uTorrent (or Bit Torrent etc) gives very low speed. Zbigz premium account is the best option which gives you the freedom to download your favorite Torrent using IDM. So, you can increase the downloading speed of Torrent by downloading torrent files via IDM.

Unfortunately, there is no any method to download the torrent via IDM directly without any Torrent leeching Service. You always need any Torrent Leecher in order to convert Torrent into direct download link. For torrent leeching, Zbigz is the one of the best sites which gives Direct download link and you will get Maximum Download Speed depending upon your Internet Speed.

What is Zbigz or Zbigz Premium Account?

Zbigz Premium Account

Zbigz is one of the best online Torrent Leeching Service which you can use for converting Torrent into Direct Download Link. You just need to just upload your favourite Torrent file or post magnet link and Zbigz will generate the download link. Zbigz offers the both FREE as well as PREMIUM membership.

Of course, Zbigz Premium Account users will have more privileges than Zbigz Free Account user.

Zbigz Free Account have some limitations that you can leech Torrent of limited Size, You will get a limited download speed. But, Zbigz Premium Account will give your Full Download Speed and you can leech the torrent of any File Size.

To use Zbigz Premium Account, you generally need to pay to Zbigz as its premium service. But don’t worry. Today I am sharing Zbigz Premium Account totally FREE. So, you can download torrent files directly without even paying any money to them because We already paid them and purchased their Premium Account of Zbigz, especially for our blog reader.

More on Zbigz Premium Account/Cookies

Zbigz (or Zbigz Premium Account) is the most popular and widely used Torrent Leeching Site. It is the best way to download Torrent files faster with your Favourite Downloader like IDM.

We have purchased the Zbigz Premium Voucher and applied to my Zbigz Free account to make it Premium. We have purchased Zbigz Premium account officially and shared here at TricksGalaxy. So, this account of Zbigz is 100% Working and safe. Enjoy Zbigz premium service for free.

You may find Zbigz premium account generator, Zbigz premium account cookies or Zbigz premium account hack in some sites. But guys, let me tell you, there is no any direct software or any anything which can generate Zbigz Premium Account for free, almost all these things are fake and scam.

They generally upload any fake file in the survey. Either you can’t complete that survey or even you complete it you will get nothing except the fake file but that site owner (scammer) will earn Money. So never lags behind these things.

But, I am giving 100% Working Zbigz Premium Account Username & Password for Free so, you can use this account to download any files, songs, videos, movies and much more torrent files using Zbigz.

Alternating, you can check out the list of best free movie downloads sites. I am mentioning again and again that I have shared the Zbigz Premium Account, Zbigz Premium Account but not shown you any proof. Wait Wait….Below is the Proof of our Premium Zbigz Account.

Screenshot of Zbigz Premium (Proof)

Zbigz Premium Account Proof

Zbigz Premium Account 2017 Features:

  • Download Torrent File at Unlimited Speed without any limit only using Zbigz premium account,
  • Leech & Download your favourite Torrent files without any size limit.
  • You will get maximum speed which your ISP is providing you (i.e. depending upon your Internet Speed),
  • Fully Resume supported. Download your Torrent anything and you can also Pause & Resume it later.
  • Premium Account of Zbigz gives Full Caching Speed.
  • You can call it Torrent to Direct and even Torrent to IDM,
  • You can even stream Video or Music directly.
  • Store unlimited numbers of files in the Zbigz premium profile.
  • And Much More….

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Zbigz Premium Account Username and Password

Zbigz premium account can be accessed by using various methods, by logging in with Username and Password of premium Zbigz account, or by using Zbigz premium account cookies or using many other ways.

This time, we have shared Our Zbigz premium account username and password directly so you can use our login details to access premium features of Zbigz. You can enjoy Zbigz free Premium Account without any cost, totally Free.

A lot of Torrent leeching sites are available on the Internet out of which Zbigz is most popular and provides the best service. So we have purchased Zbigz Premium Account. Below is how to use Zbigz Premium Account, you can skip this part if you’re already expert in it..

How to Use Zbigz Premium Account?

Zbigz Premium Account Login Steps

  • First of all note down the Zbigz Premium Account Username and Password shared below (Renewed)
  • Now open Zbigz.com in your Internet Web browser (Also see how to download Google Chrome Offline Installer Setup)
  • Click on Login and enter the Login Detail of Zbigz Premium Account which you have noted down in the first step
  • Congrats, you have successfully logged into premium features of Zbigz, now upload your Torrent file (.torrent) or paste the magnet link of the torrent you wanna download.
  • It will start leeching/converting your torrent and your torrent will be available for download after some time which depends upon the torrent health, seeds etc. Greater the torrent health lesser the time required to convert torrent into direct download link.
  • So now, it’s time to download torrent files from Zbigz and enjoy this Zbigz Premium.

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Update: Zbigz Premium Account (Discontinued):


Due to frequent password changing issues, We Have Stopped Sharing Zbigz Account.

Also, Zbigz Banned Many Accounts because of Access from Multiple IPs.


Tips On Using This Premium Account (Ignore this Part)

You can’t access into this premium account directly by typing premium access URL and if you do so it may give some error. Every time you need to visit this article and then click on access URL. There is two best way by which you can easily access it.

  • Bookmark This Post: Simply you can bookmark this page and whenever you want the premium account of zbigz then you can just go to Bookmark > Open This Page > Click on Premium Access Button.


  • Open Google.com > Search for “Zbigz Premium Account” > Click on the Link which shows http://www.tricksgalaxy.com/zbigz-premium-account/

Note:  Please, Don’t Change Password, Don’t Delete Any Files, Don’t Share This Login Detail Anywhere, If it’s necessary you can Share this post URL/Link.

Note 2: You can inform me if the password is changed by someone, I will update it or Instantly give you Login Details.

  • Mail: Ajit@tricksgalaxy.com
  • Facebook Page: TricksGalaxy or
  • Comment Below

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No doubt Zbigz is the best online service or torrent leeching site which gives you the freedom to download your favourite Torrent file with your favourite Download Manager. So this was all about Zbigz and we have shared our Premium Account of Zbigz with our reader (You). Here is  Bytebx Premium Account 2018 for Free if you need. In case if password changed, inform me I will update as fast as possible. Enjoy the Zbigz Premium Service with this Zbigz Premium Account.


  1. Hello Sir, i have a problem You entered an invalid email or password.
    Before 20 days,already worked,your tricks.
    Please solved me and i’m appreciate your worked.

    • Someone has changed the password of our Zbigz premium account. That’s why it was giving you invalied email/password error.

      I have updated it now. Enjoy these premium accounts.

      Thanks for your comments. Keep visiting.

  2. bro ap ne humesha ap ki site pe user name and pass rkhte the but abhi ap ne kuch alag kr diya h jis ki wjes e user name pass nahi arha bro plss update kro na m kabhi pass nhi chnge karta bro pls help mee

  3. It does not work for me.i completed the survey but still the page is asking for survey.I think its over.Thank Ajit and I am also from patna(Phulwari Sharif)..

  4. hi guys plz don’t delete other’s personal files
    delete your files after download
    plz plz don’t misuse this service
    because Ajit Ray share genuine premium account
    so users also use it in genuine way
    don’t change the password
    don’t touch others files please guys

    • Actually, many users are using that zbigz premium account.

      So, to avoid logout problem you can use it in night, morning or in some other times when only a few or no one use it.

  5. it says bad login . plz update… i have one file stuck at 96% in IDM and cant get this page up for refreshing the link

  6. Great share Ajit, Zbigz is the best torrent leeching service.

    Ps- guys don’t panic if password is changed, Just pjng him via email or Facebook. He will help you out.

  7. Thanks for providing the premium account logins, the only problem I have is someone remove my files before I download it and I already had informed the group members about this.
    But apart from this premium account is amazing and thank you once again to Ajit

  8. Is it possible to send password every time u change it to everyone who is subscribe instead of individuals asking for the same password

  9. Thanks bro.. You are number 1 who is sharing zbigz account for so long with working account. Just want to say Love You bro…

  10. Thank you so much for the account! The only genuine stuff on the internet!

    P.S. A request to anyone who uses this: PLEASE! do not change the password! keep the internet capitalism free. Share and enjoy! 😀

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