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I'm Ajit Kumar Ray - a Blogger, Entrepreneur & Affiliate Marketer from INDIA.

It's been more than 7 Years since I started Learning about Internet, Computers, Electronics, Technology & Blogging.

I keep experimenting with the new authentic & ethical way of Making Money Online.

Finally, I'm sharing all my learnings & experiences on this blog (TricksGalaxy.com) so that others can be benifited from my experiences. Yeah, simple to aviod making the same mistakes that I already made.

It's better to follow the methods & strategy that are proven to work.

Ajit Kumar Ray

If You want to Learn Blogging and Methods on Making Money Online then You're at the right Blog.

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The Quickest Way of Success is to STOP Re-Inventing the Wheel and Start Focusing on the Methods that are Proven to Work.

Working Smartly in Right Direction is Better than Hard Working blindly without knowing what actually you're doing.

What this Blog is About?

Tricks Galaxy is a tech blog started in 2015 with the vision to provide the Best Answers to Tech Related Queries and help Peoples by Sharing Fresh & Updated Information. We Believes In Quality Instead of Quantity.

Technology is changing every day, every minutes. The things that work today may not work tomorrow. So, I started this blog to Share all the updated information to help people find best answer to their queries.

This Blog (with Category: Top-List, How-To, Android, Internet, Computer, Facebook, Tricks & Tips etc.) will keep you updated with the latest changes & in updation the field of Technology.

At this Blog, (with category: Blogging) I also share the Guides, Tools that will help anyone start their Blogging Carrier.

I always curious to learn about the latest authentic techniques to Make Money Online. So, In Make Money section, I share the learning to help people make money in the online world.

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