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I’m Ajit Ray – a Blogger, Entrepreneur & Affiliate Marketer from INDIA.


I consistently learn deeper in Blogging, Technology, landing page designing, funnel creation and much more. I keep experimenting with the new authentic & ethical way of Making Money Online.


Finally, I’m sharing all my learnings & experiences on this blog (TricksGalaxy.com) so that others can be benefited from my experiences.

Ajit Ray

What this Blog is About?

Tricks Galaxy is a tech blog started in 2015 with the vision to provide the best answers to Tech Related Queries and help peoples by sharing fresh & updated information. We believes in quality instead of quantity.

Technology is changing every day, every minutes. The things that work today may not work tomorrow. So, I started this blog to Share all the updated information to help people find best answer to their queries.

This Blog (with Category: Top-List, How-To, Android, Internet, Computer, Facebook, Tricks & Tips etc.) will keep you updated with the latest changes & in updation the field of Technology.

At this Blog, (with category: Blogging) I also share the Guides, Tools that will help anyone start their Blogging Carrier.

I always curious to learn about the latest authentic techniques to Make Money Online. So, In Make Money section, I share the learning to help people make money in the online world.


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