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Want to contribute your content to Tricks Galaxy? Well, before you submit your guest post, please go through our guidelines.

TricksGalaxy is one of the top leading tech blogs where we talk about Tricks & Tips, How-To and Top-List type articles on various topics like – Blogging, Android, PC, Social Media, Internet, Making Money, etc.”

We generally publish ‘evergreen contents’ that don’t lose their relevance within a few weeks or months. Our primary audience is India, although we publish articles for global audiences too.

It took really great efforts to maintain TricksGalaxy spam-free and keep updating content with high-quality articles only. I expect the same from you.

Content Criteria:

#1 The article should be of minimum 1000+ words with complete information about the topic.

#2 Content must be 100% original and not copied or spinned.

#3 It should contain easy languages & engaging.

#4 Your article should include relevant images/screenshots wherever necessary. However, the main Thumbnail / Featured Image is NOT required.

#5 You have to do On-Page SEO itself in your article.

#6 The article should not be published to any other websites.

#7 It must be engaging & interesting and must not contain any long & lengthy para. Cliches and redundancies must be avoided.

If you think your article meets the criteria, just mail us. [email protected] or [email protected] 

We’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

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