10 Best Free Cloud Storage Sites to Store Files | 2020 (Secure)

Are you looking for some best Cloud Storage Sites in 2020?

Cloud Storage..?

Ever heard about them? Are they Junk or Useful?

Do you know any best free Cloud Storage provider which is highly secured?

Well, if you’re thinking like this then you’re at the right place. I’m gonna show you the Top 10 Best Secure Cloud Storage Websites for Free in 2019.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is the best way to access your important files on the go.

No need to transfer from one device to another.

You can save your important data on the cloud to use anytime. There are many free cloud storage websites on the web and so it could be a tedious task to find out the most suitable cloud storage websites at once.

No need to worry as I have gathered a list of 10 best cloud storage to use.

Without any further delay let’s find more info about the best cloud storage sites to use. Shall we?

Why do We need Cloud Storage websites?

You can keep your important files safe on the cloud instead of your PC or Smartphone. You might lose your precious data due to a virus attack at any moment from your computer.

That’s why it’s better to keep your files on the cloud storage websites. Don’t even think twice because there are no hidden charges to use these cloud storage websites.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 cloud storage websites that are Free.

Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Sites for 2020

Best Free Cloud Storage Provider Website

#1 Google Drive – Most Secure Cloud Storage Service

Google Drive, Yeah…! Google’s own product – provides a fitting amount of storage space which is 15GB, for both business owners and normal users.

You can stock nearly everything, such as the photograph, documents, designs, sketch, recordings, films or whatever thing you desire to upload.

Also, you can invite your buddies to outlook, download and collaborate on the kept in Google Drive. And you should know that Gmail and Google Photos are intimately integrated with this service.

Google Drive Cloud Storage Free

Those files that you will upload may possibly searchable as Google Drive identifies stuff in your photos and text in scanned documents.

Google offers a variety of apps, you can utilize those to make and collaborate on files and also you can compose files accessible offline.

Google Drive is obtainable in all major formats, for instance, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

#2 Dropbox

Dropbox is well-known cloud storage on the web. It gives you 2 GB free space to save any kind of files such as pictures, videos, Docs, PDF, ZIP, etc. You can access all of your files even if you are offline on your computer.

You will get a link after uploading your file to Dropbox to share with your friends, colleagues, clients, etc.

Also, you can enable two-step verification if the recipient doesn’t have Dropbox on his/her phone or computer at present.

Dropbox Cloud Storage Free

No need to email every now and then as you can share folder to collaborate with others.

Dropbox is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire. We can say, it’s the best cloud storage provider and that is why it is listed as #2 on our list.

#3 OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage.

Yeah, it’s Microsoft Product & provides 5GB of storage space for every user after registering an account.

You can collaborate with several other programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote from the desktop or even from your smartphone.

It’s the default cloud storage solution for Windows 10 OS. Just search ‘One Drive’ from start and you will find this built-in app on your computer.

You can acquire additional space through referrals and mobile photo syncing.

OneDrive Cloud Storage Free

You can categorize all of your uploaded pictures in albums.

The Real-time notification feature is very handy to find out if someone modified your important files lately.

OneDrive supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and Kindle Fire.

#4 Amazon Drive

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription? If yes then you will be able to enjoy 5GB of free cloud storage space, and also Amazon Drive provides unlimited photo storage for everyone.

You can utilize the 5GB of storage space for storing any kind of file you want, such as videos, documents, pictures and etc.

Amazon Cloud Drive Cloud Storage Free

Backup your photos, store files from your PC, upload pictures directly from your smartphone; you can do all these things in one place.

And if are worried that you will sooner or later misplace or injure your phone then I suggest you use the free Amazon Photos app to mechanically hoard your pictures to your Amazon Drive.

Amazon Drive upholds major platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire.

#5 Apple iCloud Drive – iCloud Drive

Apple iCloud Drive also gives 5GB of free cloud storage. It backs up almost everything. For example, the operating system, iOS, as well as the documents that you create by iCloud-enabled applications.

You can effortlessly approach your files from desktop and you will surely notice that all the notice all the files are updated crosswise your devices. Plus, if you use iCloud Drive from Mac then your desktop and documents folder can be automatically hoarded and updated in iCloud Drive.

Unluckily, this service isn’t available for Android smartphones so if you own an android device then you should ignore Apple iCloud Drive as it supports only three platforms, Windows, Mac, iOS.

#6 Box – Secure File Sharing, Storage, and Collaboration

Box supplies 10GB of free cloud storage space for everyone.

This service is particularly used by business users and also it is one of the best cloud storage services for personal uses.

It assures to keep them, their social group and their customers, all together on the same page.

Box Cloud Storage 2017

One of the best aspects of Box is that you can safely share files, make and edit documents along with your partners in real-time.

And also, Box especially focuses on high-end protection so anything you upload like- pictures, videos, text files or monetary information, all will be protected strongly.

You can simply create and share your files, plus view and edit those from any place you want, twist folders into shared offices and from now you should stop distressing regarding where your files are.

This service supports these platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

#7 pClould Cloud Storage Solution for Businesses

pCloud is a free online cloud storage that comes with 10 GB free space. You can get another 10 GB storage by inviting more people to this site.

pCloud Cloud Storage

It has a desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux OS respectively.

Also, you can install pCloud app on iOS and Android. It lets you add single files from URL and a folder from your browser.

You can upload pictures and videos from your pCloud account directly. pCloud’s Share folder is the perfect way to send files to the recipients even if they have no pCloud account.

You can make a unique email address so that you can send and receive the email to your inbox from anyone in your pCloud account.

Furthermore, you can retrieve your pictures from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa.

#8 Mega – Most Secure Cloud Storage Service

If you are a business owner who uploads various files on a regular basis, then I strongly recommend you to utilize the Mega because it provides a massive 50GB of free cloud storage space.

Mega Cloud Storage

MEGA was developed by the team that are behind a well-known file hosting service knows as Mega Upload.

This service proffers end-to-end encryption. Plus, you can encrypt and decrypt your data anytime by your devices. If you can approach your documents from wherever place you wish.

As well as, you can observe the modifications that are happening on your shared folders by your contacts in real-time. It endorses platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

#9 Sync Secure Cloud Storage — Privacy Guaranteed

Sync gives 5GB of free cloud storage well-known service guarantees 100% privacy with end-to-end encryption.

If you wish to back up the entire files in one place and keep them synced crosswise several devices then you should utilize Sync to fulfil the job easily.

Plus, if you are thinking about whether you can share your files or not to those users who don’t have a Sync account then you don’t have to worry as Sync allows you to do that.

The sharing trait has lots of valuable features such as password security, notifications, and expiration dates.

Multi-user management tools, permissions, and access controls that make collaboration very easy. This service upholds Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Sync.com Cloud Storage Free

The sharing trait has lots of valuable features such as password security, notifications, and expiration dates. Multi-user management tools, permissions, and access controls that makes collaboration very easy. This service upholds Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

#10 Mediafire

I’m concluding the top 10 cloud storage websites with Mediafire. Mediafire is another excellent cloud storage site that gives you unlimited bandwidth and 50GB storage.

MediaFire Cloud Storage Website

I am also using Mediafire right now for sharing many different files on TricksGalaxy. It’s very easy to use and manage your files.

You will get 10 GB space after signing up for a free account. Do you require more space? Just refer some of your friends to obtain more space on this website.

Best Secure Cloud Storage (Wrapping Up..!)

This was the list of best 10 free secured cloud storage provider websites that you can use to host your important files online for personal as well as a business without any caution.

Yeah, these sites are free of cost. I hope that this article will help you manage files on the go. What’s your favorite cloud storage site/app from my list? Let me know in the comment box…?

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