10 Best Free eBook Download Sites for Students

Free eBook Download Sites: Reading is one of the simplest ways for every human being to gain knowledge from a particular source and this tendency is becoming more popular when books evolve into digital media which is known as Ebooks. Think, how nice it would be if we are able to download free e-book and take it with us anywhere we want.

Further, in today’s world of technology, we don’t need a tree to make a book because nowadays almost every student read digital books. Smartphones, Kindles, iPads, Tablets are very common these days on which you can very easily download ebooks and read anytime you want. Just because of this technology print books and CDs are past now. Students no more prefer to use print books.

Just because of this technology print books and CDs are past now. Students no more prefer to use print books.

On the other hand, you can also search and download free ebooks in various categories like fiction, engineering, science and technology and many more like this.

eBook Download Sites for Free

One of the best part of these ebook download sites are that no registration is required to download these free ebooks. Besides this, things have become very convenient these days with the digitization of books which are specially designed for students. Many researchers say that books are one of the best friends of any person and ebooks has proved this. So, now the only thing which remains is downloading your ebook that keeps you busy in your free time.

10 Best Free eBook Download Sites for 2017

Below mentioned are some of the top 10 best and free ebook download sites which are very helpful for students:

#1 Free Ebooks

One of the most famous ebook download sites for students is free ebooks. Basically, it is an online source for free ebook downloads, authors and resources. Another best thing is that besides ebooks, you can also download free magazines or can submit your own ebook without any hassle.

#2 Project Gutenberg

This is the other one of the best sites to download ebooks for students. It has a massive library hosting more than 50,000 free ebooks in various types of simple text formats like HTML and Kindle. Further, no registration or fees are required to use the website and creation and sharing becomes easier with this.

#3 FreeBookSpot

Another superb website which comes under the category of the best ones is FreeBookSpot. Basically, it is a huge online source of free ebooks download with almost 4500 free ebooks and that too in more than 95 categories.

#4 20200k

Another one of the best website to download ebooks is this 20200k. It is a mass directory of free online books and ebooks and also consist huge collection of ebooks in various categories like art, science, philosophy and many more like these.

#5 ManyBooks

Another most commonly used website for downloading ebooks is Manybooks which provides free ebooks for your iPad, Kindle or other ebook reader devices. On this site, you can easily browse for any ebook through the popular titles or recent reviews of visitors.

#6 LibGen

This is another new concept in the field of ebooks. It is a Russian based website that helps you to download books and articles related to science and technology. This site will also allow you to download various ebooks of different categories for free which also includes PDF downloads.

#7 FreeComputerBooks

Another superb website for students to download ebooks is free computer books. It consists of a huge collection of free ebooks easily available online which are related to computer, mathematics, programming and tutorials. Further, it has 12 categories with over 150 sub categories.

#8 Ebook lobby

Ebook lobby is the other most commonly used website by students to download ebooks. There are various free ebooks on this site which are divided into different categories. So, just go ahead, search and select the category appropriate to the ebook you are looking for.

#9 Leanpub

Leanpub is the another unique book website from which you can easily download ebooks as PDF, Mobi for free or you can also pay a fee to the author of the book as per your wish. This site basically has books related to programming languages and Softwares.

#10 FreeTechBooks

Last but not the least in the category of ebooks, websites is this one. It basically deals in computer science, lecture notes and programming ebooks and all these are legally and freely available on the internet.

So, these are some of the best and top 10 best free ebooks download sites for students. Now, go ahead and choose the one which suits you best.

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