10 Best Grammar Checker Tools like Grammarly | 2020

Are you a blogger, content writer, or internet marketer?

Is your content acceptable with grammatical errors? You’re well aware of the answer. Your content is the core of your blog/website.

Are you trying hard to improve your Grammar? Looking for best Grammer Checker Tools whether office or online?

Well, you’re at the right place.

There are a bunch of online grammar checker tools available now to help you proofread your content without any hassle.

Today at TricksGalaxy, we’re going to share Top 10 Best Grammar Checker Sites that you can use to correct grammatical errors.

If you’re a writer then, you won’t get better opportunities until you get rid of grammatical mistakes from your content/work.

You can be a better writer with constant practice and some of these awesome tools that I am going to tell you here.

So, without any further ado let’s find out the top 10 online grammar checker tools.

Top 10 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Best Grammar Checker Tool Online

#1 Grammarly – Free Grammar Checker‎

Grammarly is the no. 1 choice of 10 million people to proofread their content. It is the best and one one-stop solution for the bloggers and content writers, undoubtedly.

Grammarly has both free and paid version. They offer monthly ($29.95), quarterly ($19.98), and annual plans ($11.66).

You can check crucial grammar and spelling mistakes, punctuation, sentence, grammar, context, conventions, capitalization, word spacing, and sentence structure, and plagiarism as well.

It has all the features you need to take your writing to the next level. The built-in plagiarism checker crawls through 16 billion web pages to mark your content unique.

You can register a free account and download their Chrome extension to check your grammatical errors online. Also, you can download the app for Windows and an add-on for Microsoft Word.

#2 WhiteSmoke – English Grammar Checker Software

WhiteSmoke is my next favorite online grammar checker tool.

It comes with an inbuilt translator that you may find very useful. Apart from that, you can check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and plagiarism. Whitesmoke is available on desktop, web, Android, and ios.

It offers essential ($6.59/m), premium $9.99/m, and business $17.95/m for annual billing.

But you can decrease the cost with 3 years billing plan: $4.44 essential, premium$8.29, business$12.42. Keep in mind that you will need to pay a bit extra to access this tool on the Android or iOS platform.

But it is completely optional and depends on you. You will attain a review and rate on your writing from Whitesmoke.

It will be based on the sentence structure, words, expressions, voice, length, and redundancy. Also, you will get suggestions to improve your content.

White Smoke

#3 Polish My Writing – Check Grammar, Spelling, Style

Polish My Writing tool is another excellent tool to check your grammatical errors. It’s also known as “After the Deadline” and one of the best tools for checking grammatical errors.

A WordPress company “Automatic” manages this tool; you can utilize this tool to check spelling, style, grammar and punctuation mistakes easily.

Just visit the site and paste yours there and ‘check writing’.

It is going to check grammar, spelling and a few other things to improve your content to improve your overall writing quality.

You can download ‘After the deadline’ software for free of cost.

Polish My Writing

#4 Reverso

Reverso lets you translate your content into several different languages such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, and Japanese along with grammar checking.

Go to the site and put in your text to check definitions, synonyms, conjugator, and grammar.

It offers a chrome extension as well and you can use it without any charge.

Try Reverso

#5 LanguageTool – Style & Grammar Checker

You can use LanguageTool to correct your grammar in many different languages.

It is better to download the software to access all of its features to the max. They offer a trial for new users as well.

LanguageTool doesn’t have many features as other popular grammar checker online tools but it is worth a shot.

Keep in mind that you will need to download the software to get the best outcome from LanguageTool.

Language Tool

#6 Hemingway App – 

Hemingway app corrects your grammar and spelling mistakes and gives you a readability score.

But what is the readability score? The readability score indicates how easy or hard to comprehend your writing and so, a high score is always agreeable.

Hemingway app offers a free and premium version. You will need to pay $10 to avail all of its features through the desktop app.

Check Grammar Now

#7 SpellCheckPlus Pro

SpellCheckPlus is a standard grammar checker tool for non-native English people.

It has a free version with limited features.

There won’t be any suggestions and explanations about your incorrect grammar. You can attain an individual license at a cost of $15.

SpellCheckerPlus Pro

#8 Paper Rater

Paper Rater is one of the most popular plagiarism checkers available online right now.

It is available at no cost. Paper rater could be very efficient especially if you have no money to spare right now.

It has got 10 billion downloads with plagiarism feature.

Paper Rater

#9 Online Correction

Online correction is another splendid online grammar tool with spelling and stylistic errors.

It comes with a minimalistic text editor for your convenience.

Apart from that, you will get the autocorrect feature along with numerous English dialects, such as British, American, and Australian English.

It doesn’t have advanced features but you can give it a go for a quick check. Just go to the site and paste your content and click ‘submit’ for an instant check at free of cost.

Online Correction

#10 GrammarCheck

GrammarCheck is a saviour especially if you are looking for a simple, easy to use free online grammar checker tool.

You may not discern anything interesting at first glance but it is surprisingly helpful for your writing.

Just visit Grammarcheck website and click ‘new document‘ to write your content or you can paste your words for proofreading.

You will see some familiar as other writing/editing program menu to craft your article such bold, italics, subscript, superscript, strikethrough, heading, inline, blocks, alignment bullets, increase/decrease indent.

That’s fine. But is it any good for grammatical errors?

Yes. It analyzes your writing thoroughly to find out misspelt words and wrong grammar. Also, it gives you an explanation with the example of your grammatical mistakes.



You’ve walked through my top 10 grammar checker sites online tool right now. Needless to say, Grammarly is the most popular pick for most people. However, there is some other excellent/noteworthy software with free and premium plans in the market too.

Don’t hurry. In fact, you can try all of these tools to decide the most suitable pick for you. These tools are extremely helpful but you can’t expect to get better and better without practice and consistent effort. Did you find it helpful? Can you spread the words among your friends?

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  1. Hello Ajit,

    Nice list of sites for checking Grammar. I am a big Fan of Grammarly and using it for proofreading my articles. It also has a Microsoft extension and Chrome too. I really love using it. Thanks for sharing the list of these helpful websites.


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