Top 10 Best PDF To Word Converters for Free

Looking for Best Free Sites to Convert PDF into Word? Well, Here We have shared our hand-picked List of Top 10 Best PDF to Word Converter for Free.

We are often tangled with works that are very complicated and are not easy to handle.

However, technology has taken all these into its own hands and made everything way simpler than anyone ever imagined and Computer was one of the major contributors to it.

But, a coin has always two sides to it. Such simplicity and efficiency in work brought some pitfalls in it like- Piracy, Duplicity, etc.

Another tiny issue is the conversion of a pdf file into word format. The pdf is basically a permanent form of work or presentation and hence cannot be edited, whereas a word document is prone to changes any number of times you desire.

This feature gives rise to the need for converting a pdf file into a word file. Technology taking itself to the next level has ensured that even this issue be taken care of.

The software was designed and many online portals were introduced into the digital market for the sole purpose of converting a word file into a pdf file.

So let us have a glance on the top 10 online portals that have the best recognition in this aspect:

Top 10 Best PDF to Word Converters 2019

Best PDF to Word Converters
Best PDF to Word Converter

#1 PDFonline


This is an efficient pdf to word converter as it ensures that the format of the pdf is not interfered with. It does not require auxiliary information like address, email, etc. as it takes the file directly to covert.

It does have the feature to support rtf and html formatted files. But it has its own pitfalls. One of them is limiting the size of the file only up to 2 MB.

Features of pdfonline

  • The important missing is the OCR which is known as Optical Character Recognition. This technology allows the conversion of printed or handwritten data into machine encoding text by scanning any form of official document and hence used as an input device.
  • From regular usage, it is found out that the approximate run time of this site is around 52 seconds which is fair enough for many users.
  • This site also offers other types of conversions like- PDF to HTML, JPG to PDF, etc. This site works on various types of servers like-PDF API, PDF creation server.

#2 FreePdfConvert


This site has kept quality as its main priority as this website converts the pdf to the word format as it can be said that the format is in one of the best quality if not the best.  However, this site is not bug-free as there are reported complaints regarding the leaving out of some content from the converted doc. file after converting from pdf file.

Features of freepdfconvert

  • One of the important aspects of this site is its association with Microsoft Office. This site provides the best service to its users by converting pdf files into all types of MS Office formats like- Excel, Doc, PowerPoint, etc.
  • This site also contains the facility of merging,  splitting and compressing PDF files.
  • The surveyed run time of this site is approximately 42 seconds.
  • Just like the previous site we discussed above, this site does not ask for additional information such as – email, address, etc. Another fascinating feature is the absence of any size limit of the file.
  • Another missing feature this site does support OCR mode but is currently working on it. This site does support rtf, docx, html formats as well.

#3 ConvertOnlineFree


 This is gradually proving to be an excellent converter as it boasts about its efficiency in conversion of the files.

Features of convertonlinefree

  • It does have a run time of approximately 28 seconds that is commendable considering the run time of other websites.
  • It does not ask for additional information just like the above-discussed websites. This website has the feature to convert the required files into its zip format as well. The zip format is the compressed version of the original document.
  • This site does not have any specific size limit which makes this site a favourable one for many users.
  • It does not support the OCR format. Although this site has an old out-dated homepage, the service provided is up to the mark. Converting the doc. Files to pdf files have become its forte and are slowly getting its well-deserved popularity.

#4 OnlineCr

 It is very distinguished from all the websites discussed above as it has the special feature to support OCR files format and hence is an OCR pdf converter. To describe it elaborately, this site picks up data in the form of images both electrically or mechanically in the form of pdf and then converts it into a word format.

Features of onlineocr

  • It’s run time is a bit longer compared to other converters as a lot of time is consumed while picking up the data via images. So people who need to avail this facility have to bear with run time. The major drawback of this website is the presence of bugs as the site fails to pick up the full content or data on a regular basis and hence is not a reliable website for conversion despite the OCR supporting feature.
  • This site boasts about operating in 46 international languages.
  • This site does provide free as well as premium service as the guest mode allows conversion of 15 images in one hour, whereas registering to this site would offer services like- zip archives, multipage pdf, large sized images, etc.

#5 ConvertPDFtoWord


 This site does perform decent quality of conversion. However, despite this fact, this site is not known and acknowledged by many people as this site asks for an email address to advance further. Many users are too uptight to type down their email address and hence search for a simpler converter.

Features of covertpdftoword

  • The estimated run time as seen by the few users it has is around 60 seconds which is quite decent.
  • There is no relevant bug in this site.
  • So, this does prove the site should stick to pdf to word conversion only. This site does not support OCR mode as well.
  • It also supports txt and doc format as well.

#6 Zamzar


This site draws the least attention from its users as it always asks for the email address before converting. It also fails to maintain the originality and quality of the document. Still, it does have some attractions to its name.

Features of zamzar

  • One of the important aspects is the run time for all the conversions that are below 10 minutes.
  • It also boasts for supporting formats more than any other site.  Being started in the year of 2006, it is one of the oldest convertors present online.
  • It also facilitates its users by providing a customer care email service that pays attention to the requirements and demands of the users on a regular basis.
  • Apart from the pdf conversion, it has also added a feather to its cap by providing other types of conversion like mp3 conversion, mp4 conversion and other formats of video conversion. Such improved service over such a long period of time makes it a well-known web portal among the users.

#7 ConvertMyPdfToWord


 This is one of the most sophisticated types of converter that is present online and hence the homepage is a bit complex and the convert option is quite difficult to find. It has been converting online for 3 years but is promoting its users to use its software version.

Features of ConvertMyPDFtoWord

  • It does provide cloud storage and access facility just like in the case of Dropbox, google drive, etc.
  • It also boasts of an encrypted data transfer between server and browser to avoid any type of content piracy.
  • It also maintains privacy as the data uploaded or downloaded gets erased from every interface within 24 hours and there is no trace of it.
  • Keeping up with fast-paced advancement of technology, it has also upgraded its system to be accessed via smartphones and tablets as well.
  • This site has many accolades to its name like- SSI verified and entrusted etc. All this made this site a gold Microsoft partner.
  • Apart from pdf conversion, it also provides aid in editing the pdf file like- rotating, resizing, watermarking, etc.
  • Its helpline facility is quite exemplary as they do have a special team to provide a quick response.

#8 LightPdf


 This site is well known for its user-friendly interface as it converts pdf to all forms of office documents like- ppt, png, docx, etc. Due to its new release, it is well supported by all the web browsers like- Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Features of lightpdf

  • It’s run time is very minimal with the quality of the work deemed as fantastic.
  • The file size is not an issue for this site as it accommodates file irrespective of its size.
  • It does have system support from a number of international languages along with the added feature of being registered with the social media account via- Facebook, Pinterest etc.
  • It has blogs related to pdf and other office files that help in maintaining a professional portfolio.
  • For security reasons, the working of this website is under the policy of the General Data Protection Regulation where the privacy of EU citizens is ensured by protecting the transactions of EU members exclusively.

#9 Nitro Pdf


 This portal works both on website and software only. However, the software requires a subscription but the website can be operated freely.

Features of Nitro Pdf

  • It can process more than one file at a time and it also maintains the quality of the text files.
  • The free conversion in this website is limited to 5 conversions per month only. This strategy does reduce the users of this website but ensuring quality in its work.
  • This website works in converting pdf to word format only in text format as the images after converting gets all distorted and broken. It performs all kind of pdf operations like merging, compressing, etc.
  • It also provides security updates and an interactive customer care service.

#10 FoxitSoftware


 This website takes responsibility in converting a pdf document into any form of Office document. It also converts images, tables, and other multimedia formats perfectly.

Features of foxitsoftware:

  • It is also helpful in building your own pdf from the very start and also by merging them efficiently.
  • This is also an interactive website as it has also made videos and webinars available to users. It has also made various other things available like- Banking solutions, legal solutions, etc.
  • Though its forte is not the conversion of pdf, it has made quite a name in this field for making available all kinds of pdf services available like- compressing, ocr, etc.


There are many online portals available for free converting pdf to word file.

It varies as per the user requirement and the type of file which the user demands.

However, if the user regularly requires the conversion of pdf, then it is advisable to use proper software that can handle the daily needs of the user.

The above online portals are best in their own ways and cannot be distinguished to decide which would be the best converter as it draws a lot of debate from its respective users.

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