Top 10 Meme Generator Sites to Create Memes Online Free (2019)

Do you wanna create unique memes on your own? Are you looking for the best sites to Generate memes? Well, you’re at the right place.

Today at TricksGalaxy, we have shared top 10 best Memes Generator sites by using which you can create your own unique memes.

Nowadays – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. every platform online is housed with beautiful and creative memes.

Despite this, most of the people still don’t know how to create memes online.

The good news is that creating memes online is very simple and hassle-free.

It is because there is best Meme Generators Online available for free that can help you create awesome memes in just minutes.

These memes help you get more creative with everything and let you generate meme for particular situations, such as birthday, breakup, and more.

So without investing any more time, let’s begin and move directly to the list of best 10 meme generator sites, which we have tested to be free from malware and deliver you the best results.

Top 10 Best Meme Generator Sites 2019

Best Free Meme Generator Maker Sites Online

#1 Imgflip – free meme generator site online

imgflip Meme Generator

ImgFlip is one of the finest free tools for generating Meme online.

This meme generator site allows you to upload most popular memes and put some text on it as per the themes and memes.

It allows easy customization and thereby gives you full leverage to design an amazing and attractive meme online.

If you are unable to receive any suitable meme on this platform, you can conveniently upload your favorite theme and edit it to create an awesome meme.

Try “ImgFlip”

#2 Imgur

imgur Meme Generator Site

Imgur is another best meme generator that is even one of the busiest place for image sharing for Memes.

The meme generator site serves as an excellent service that allows you to upload the meme with ease. You can create a truly wonderful meme for free by using this online memes generator.

Furthermore, it allows you to browse and determine a wide range of Memes on this site.

Once the Meme is generated, you can easily download it and use it on various platforms. Even, you can download it and share it directly on the social media website.

Try Imgur


MemeGenerator is one of the fantastic websites for creating as well as using memes.

With this meme generator, you can use memes that are created or uploaded by other users of the site. Once you create an account, you can browse through the gallery on this website. houses the most massive collection of memes and in most of the cases, you would be able to find the perfect one for you.

But if in case you are not able to do so, then you can use different images, characters, and techniques to create a fresh and newest meme.

You can create high-quality memes in just minutes at this website.

#4 Make a Meme

Make a Meme website allows you to generate meme in just a few minutes and without any hassle. Though the site does not offer any customization options, still it serves as one of the best platforms to create truly impressive memes.

One exclusive feature is that you can upload any image or select any of the existing Meme templates available on this website.

They meme maker site will allow you to remove the watermark of the site from Generated Meme. In addition to this, they also offer the option to preview the meme before you finally generate it.

Make a Meme

#5 LiveMeme – Meme Generator

LiveMeme is another free and spectacular online meme generator tool available for use.

This website hosts a vast collection of popular viral characters.

When using this meme creator site, first you need to select an image and then you can add favourite captions on it.

Conveniently you can search for your preferred meme according to the category and edit it as per your choice.

Once a meme is generated, you can easily share it, save it, and edit it.

Also, you can add your favourite image in that meme using this website.

#6 Rage Comic Builder

This is yet another splendid website for creating creative and funny memes for free.

One major issue with this meme generator website is that it will find is that it houses only anger comic characters memes on the website.

Otherwise, this website includes an incredible appearance and offers excellent quality images created through the website.

This Meme Maker Site is an excellent online meme generator that includes an amazing appearance. It is perfect for those who wish to generate images of great quality through their website.

Finally, It is free from malware and is one of the finest online meme generator sites in the ‘free’ range.

Rage Generator (Meme)

#7 Funny Meme Generator

Now, if you are looking for a comprehensive collection of funny memes on one single platform then the funny meme generator app is an excellent choice.

With this site in hand, you can create incredible images from hundreds of memes that can be shared with your friends, families, and others through distinct social platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Dropbox, Google+, and more.

The best thing about this meme maker site is that it allows you to avail a live preview when creating the app without any watermark. Hence, if you are in a hurry then you can always use the amazing preloaded memes on this site.

#8 Meme Dad

Meme Dad is another premium choice to generate meme online.

This tool allows you to generate creative meme in the least possible time frame. So, you can generate meme at a much fast and quick pace.

The unique aspect of this meme maker site is that it is a happy birthday meme generator platform. It allows you to generate amazing happy birthday meme online in just a fraction of minutes.

This meme generator site is ad-free and allows creating watermark free meme. It is designed especially for high functionality with Reddit. You can generate some really amazing GIF images with it.

Meme Dad

#9 MemeCenter

This is another fantastic place to download and create photos and memes. Memecenter features the best memes and may also produce GIF images with the meme generator. It is ideal to find some truly awesome GIF files in the gallery that can be uploaded to the users.

You can begin creating Meme on this site by registering yourself. The registration process is really brief and free of cost. So, using MemeCenter would ensure that creating wonderful meme is a hassle-free and swift process.


#10 Image Chef


This is another popular and amazing meme generator tool available for free.

It allows you to create a truly good and amazing meme and save it on the device share with your peers on the social platform.

You can share the meme on social media with your friends.

The great thing about this meme generator is that it allows you to use photo frame and text template as per the interest of your friend.

Using this meme generator site allows you to use some special icons, such as visual poetry, basketball jersey, baseball jersey, and more.

Moreover, you can also search for different images as per the trend and popularity in order to generate the best memes.

Image Chef


So, this was all about your favourite topic which is Best Meme Generator Sites. We have shared Top 10 Best Free Meme Generator Online Sites to create memes online for Free.

You can use these meme generators to create funny, angry, beautiful, colourful, and all kinds of memes that your creativity allows.

The great thing about most of these meme generator tools is that they are available free of cost. Once memes created, you can use them for personal and professional use.

If you truly want to create the best memes, just give these online meme generator tools a try, and sure you would love them.

Enjoy generating the awesome meme! Wait…! Let me know your views in comments. Also, tell me how do you create meme for free & which is your favourite meme maker site?

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