HESI A2 Exam – A Standardized Test for Evaluating a Nursing Student’s Progress

HESI Test is conducted by the Health Education Systems, Inc. for evaluating the progress of the nursing students throughout the curriculum. This exam is confidently used for assessing nursing students’ preparedness for becoming a professional nurse.

Most of the nursing schools now prefer choosing a candidate on the basis of the HESI Test. As this exam is considered as a new generation of the standardized nursing test, you should take it for proving your achievements and abilities as a result of your nursing curricular outcomes.


HESI A2 Exam Test

Day by day, the number of nursing schools using HESI exams is increasing as it’s the best way to judge the students’ curriculum outcomes and to determine their ability to nurse.

Due to the paramount interest of so many nursing schools, HESI is getting highly competitive. It is not at all easy to simply take the exam and score the great marks.

Purpose of HESI Test

The HESI speciality test was developed by the Health Education Systems, Inc. to evaluate a student’s ability and knowledge to apply different nursing concepts in actual situations.

As it’s the job of a nurse to offer ultimate healthcare and support, the nursing students need to prove themselves as the best for the work.

The HESI test confirms the abilities of students to work in different nursing fields. With specific content areas, the exam also assesses the nursing students’ preparedness for getting a license to practice as a professional nurse. The results of the HESI test can actually help the nursing students in getting their license for practicing easily.

HESI summary reports provide scores in different content areas that can be used for evaluating a nursing student’s curricular strengths and weaknesses. Students can use the HESI test scores as benchmarks for remediation and progression.

Different Types of HESI Exams

HESI A2 Test EXam

There is a variety of HESI exams that the nursing students can take according to their individual fields and preferences:

HESI Admission Assessment

The HESI Admission Assessment is actually an entry-level test for the aspiring candidates who want to be a professional nurse one day. The HESI A2 Exam (https://www.examsnap.com/hesi-a2-practice-test.html) is preferred by multiple numbers of nursing schools for choosing the best candidates.

Each nursing school prefers candidates with greater HESI Admission Assessment exam marks. In this test, there are different sections, and you can focus on any particular one that you find interesting. After giving the HESI A2 exam for the first time, the aspirants can take the test again after a certain period of time.

Its score is valid for that period of time only. So, you need to get your admission complete in a reputed nursing school before the score’s validity ends. Check for the requirements of different nursing schools and apply your documents. According to your HESI Admission Assessment exam score, if you are not getting admission into a good school, then you can wait for some time to take the test again.

HESI Specialty Exam

The HESI Specialty test generally follows two different curriculums that are RN (Registered Nursing) Specialty Exam and PN (Practice Nursing) Specialty Exam. The HESI Specialty test is basically conducted to evaluate a student’s ability and knowledge in specific clinical content. It is a type of custom test that is designed to evaluate the knowledge of faculty-specified and domain-specified nursing content.

The RN Specialty Exam is for those candidates who want to get their licenses for practicing as a professional nurse and the PN Specialty Exam is for those students who want to prove their abilities and knowledge in a particular field.

The PN test is always in the pilot stage, which is conducted to measure the candidate’s ability to apply theoretical concepts of some specific clinical content areas in actual situations. You can attend any of the HESI Specialty exams according to your choice.

HESI Exit Exam (HESI E2)

The comprehensive HESI Exit exam is available for both the Practical Nurse (PN) and Registered Nurse (RN) versions to select from. The main difference between the HESI Specialty Exam and HESI E2 is that the HESI E2testis mainly designed to measure the candidate’s achievements throughout the nursing curriculum.

It’s an exam for all the individuals who are going for a bachelor degree in nursing soon. HESI E2is actually very huge with 150 items in it. This comprehensive test is perfect for administrating the nursing students’ learnings throughout their nursing curriculum. Indirectly, the HESI Exit exam is meant to measure a nursing student’s preparedness for getting the NCLEX-RN certification or the NCLEX-PN certification.

It identifies the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses for remediation.


Conceptual Framework of HESI Test

The concept of the HESI test includes a classical exam theory framework and a critical thinking theory framework. The creation and interpretation of the entire HESI test are accomplished through multiple psychological and educational measurement processes.

The designer of the HESI test tries to identify the connection between different psychological and practical consequences. Ultimately, the HESI test framework tries to predict the aspirants’ test-taking behaviour including their success in nursing academic programs, or their ability to conduct actual nursing practice.

So, if you want to start practicing as a professional nurse as soon as you complete your degree, then you should take the HESI test. This will help you in getting your license smoothly and effortlessly.


Whether you are giving the HESI Admission Assessment, HESI Specialty, or HESI Exit exams, you should prepare yourself well. Otherwise, you might score bad marks and that might affect your entire future. So, make a plan and start studying for one of the HESI tests. If you keep on practicing on a daily basis, then you will surely score great marks.

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