How to Restore/Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages in 2015: Are you a smartphone user? If yes, then you must know very well about WhatsApp Messenger. Let me explain in short about WhatsApp for those who don’t know about WhatApp.

WhatsApp is a most famous and most widely used Chat & Messenger app for Android & iPhone Smartphone till today. It required internet connectivity and but it has various awesome features like real-time messaging, media sharing (images, videos etc), group chatting and so on. So using WhatsApp you can send and receive messages, audios, videos and images without paying to your service provider.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Do you Know?
Whatsapp does not use any online database for storage. So all the storing is done on the user side in Internet or SD memory card.
Have you accidentally or intentionally deleted your WhatsApp messages? Can’t able to recover those messages? Feeling frustrating? Don’t worry, you can recover your deleted messages from WhatsApp in Android or iOS for iPhone by using the methods mentioned below.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Massages in Android

Various methods are available for retriving deleted WhatsApp Messages from Android. Here in this article, I have shared best possible tricks which you can use to recover  and get back all your deleted WhatsApp Messages/Chats easily. Lets see the methods…

Method 1: Recover/Restore Recently Deleted Messages

You can easily recover everything including messages which are less than 7 days old. It’s not only amazing, interesting but also very easy process, just uninstall the WhatsApp from your phone and re-install it. Actually, Whatsapp automatically create the backup file of your WhatsApp data everyday at 4 AM. And it stores the data backup file into phone’s external memory i.e. your SD card. When you reinstall WhatsApp, you will see the Restore option, simply tap ‘Restore’ button and get everything back.

If you do not want to uninstall WhatsApp from your Android, then the deleted messages in WhatsApp can be simply restored without uninstalling or reinstalling it, Just using the following method.

  • First go to Settings > Apps
  • From the Application list, select WhatsApp
  • Select Clear Data to clear all of the WhatsApp data
  • After clearing the data Open WhatsApp and Enter your number with which you are using WhatsApp and Click Ok.
  • After that, WhatsApp will automatically detect the Chat backup and give and option to Rrestore. Click on Restore.
  • Messages will start restoring and then you need to Tap on Continue when finished.
  • Give a WhatsApp Name and Tap Next. WhatsApp will initialize. Tap Continue when initialized.
  • Here you go! All the deleted chats will show up in your WhatsApp chat, Enjoy.

By this way, all your deleted WhatsApp messages which is less than 7 days old will be Restored successfully.

Method 2: Manually Recover/Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp creates automatically backup file of your data and it stored external SD card i.e. memory card. So, you have to go to their Databases folder.

  • Just go to Memory Card > WhatsApp > Databases. You will find different chat files named something like “msgstore-date format.db.crypt“. The date format must be YYYY-MM-DD. The YY-MM-DD means on which year, date and month the file is created.
  • You need to change the name of “msgstore.db.crypt” file. So rename it or add some other word/character before the “msgstore” like “Old” or etc.
  • Now find other files which are saved on the different date. Then rename it to “msgstore.db.crypt“. That means, you need to find the file which is created before your delete messages and then rename it.
  • Once you renamed, uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it.
  • On re-installing the application, you will get an option to Restore it. (Like method 1)

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages in iOS (iPhone)

If you’re iOS (iPhone) user then for you also, there is a possible method to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages. But you need to have a Chat Backup of your WhatsApp conversations.
To take the WhatsApp Chat Backup in iOS you can follow the below steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp > Go to Settings
  • Under Settings, select Chat Settings
  • In Chat Settings, Select Chat Backup
  • Under Chat Backup, Select Back Up Now to backup your WhatsApp conversations to iCloud
  • You can also set automatic back up of your chats by selecting Auto Backup and choosing Daily, monthly or weekly. Depends on your choice, your WhatsApp chat will be backed up automatically to iCloud monthly, weekly or daily.

Now if you have the backup of your WhatsApp Chat history, you can easily restore/recover the deleted WhatsApp messages.
To recover your deleted chats
Delete the WhatsApp application from your iPhone and re-install WhatsApp application from App Store. On re-installing the application, you will get an option to restore the chats from the backup on iCloud, select the Restore option and you’re done.


So, these were the best possible ways to get back deleted WhatsApp Messages. Hope you got How to Restore and Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages in Android & iOS Phone Device. Thanks for reading the full article, keep visiting for upcomming Interesting Posts.

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  1. No doubt Ajit, Nice post, but let me know one thing more clearly, lets suppose i have deleted few messages today few minutes ago and i want to recover that; then according to method 2, i need to rename yesterday’s file. Then how can it restore my today’s messages? Because i think it will only restore messages till past.

  2. actually I just installed the whatsapp and after getting my imp notes I ununistalled it at just that moment … I have the images but the alignment that was in the chat I need that because without that I couldn’t identify which image is at no.1 or 2 …


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