How to Use Trial Software for Lifetime/Forever

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Do you wanna USE Trial software for Lifetime? If you’re a professional computer user then I think you downloads a lot of software on your computer. Some of them are available freely for lifetime but most of the software are paid and they allow you to use their paid software for a trial period. It may allow up to the trial period of 7 days, 14, 15 days, 30 days or 60 days. Some software’s are quite interesting and we want for use it for the lifetime. Today I will show you how you can use trial version software for the lifetime. You can also check out the Top 20 Best Softwares you Must Install on your Windows PC.

Trial Version Software for Lifetime

We were talking about Trail Software, yes, In this computer worlds, no matter whatever field, we always need software to do work in our desktop or laptop computer. But after the trial period of paid software, you have to buy the serial/license key to use it for the lifetime or to extend the validity of the software. We are here with the trick extend the validity of the trial software and use it for the lifetime.

How o Use Trail Software for Lifetime

There is a perfect trick by using a powerful tool this job can be easily performed. The name of the tool is RunAsDate. Just you need to perform following steps.

Tips to be Kept in Mind Before Using Trial Software For Lifetime

Tip 1: You need to note down Date when you have installed a trial software for the first time.

Tip 2: When the trial software gets expired, you need to Run your software in RunAsDate everytime.

Tip 3: Now when the trial version gets over do not directly launch the software. If you do so then this trick will not work.

Steps to USE Trial Software For Lifetime

Step 1: First of all download the tool ‘RunAsDate’ from here


Step 2: Then RUN ‘RunAsDate’ application and browse the software for which you want to renew your trial period.

  • Browse your installed trial version software in –> windows drive(C://) >> Program Files >> then find out your installed trial version software and choose that .exe file which will run your program.

How to Use Trial Version Software Forever

Step 3: In Date/Time option, Enter date of installation of Trial Software.

Step 4: Now Click on Run button to start your trial software again. Do this again and again to run your applications and software forever.


The above methods will not give you the complete version or will not make trial version the full version but if you follow all the steps carefully, you can use the trial software for the lifetime. By using this trick you can cross the limitation of 30 days trial and extend the validity of trial software to use them forever. These methods are for those who can not buy the full version so that they can use the software even after tha trial period has been expired. I always recommend everyone to purchase the software to support the developer.  Use Trial Software for Lifetime, share your views in comments.

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  1. i already know this trick….i just backward my computer date 😃😃😃…. even i forward my date on Android phone to get most of “daily rewards” from games…..

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