10 Best iOS Emulator for Windows 10 PC to Run iOS App on Windows

Looking for iOS Emulator for Windows 10 PC? Are you ready to experience the iOS apps and games on your Windows Laptop or PC? Then lets come to the main point of the post.

We know that iPhones and iPads are high of a cost and some can’t afford Apple devices. But, you have an option to use all the apps and games that are available on Apple devices on your PC or desktop.

iOS Emulators are the best solution for the people who want to experience the iOS apps and games.

iOS Emulator software can fulfill the dream of you by getting the iPhone and iPad apps and games on your Windows PC. But, we know that one question has already popped up in your i.e., what are the best iOS Emulators?

Yes Right!!!

Don’t worry, we are always here to present the correct information to fulfill your needs. In this post, we have furnished the Top 10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows list.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC Computer

Through iOS Emulator, you can easily install and run iOS apps and games on your daily used Windows PC. After installing an iOS Emulator, you can run any of your favorite iOS apps and play your favorite iOS games on your Windows desktop. From this post, you can know is an emulator and the list of best iOS Emulators.

What is an iOS Emulator?

An iOS Emulator is a software-based on Virtualization Technology which allows the Windows OS to converts into an iOS device. It allows the Windows user to use all applications of iOS devices.

In short, these iOS Emulators allow the people to run the iOS apps and games on Windows PC or desktop. These emulators are virtual programs that consist of all functions that are available on Apple devices.

After installing iOS Emulator on your desktop it can create a different iOS environment on your operating system. These are capable of running any iOS applications on a Windows PC or Desktop. Once you install iOS Emulators on your desktop it enables you to test, run and debug various iOS apps. People can get a feeling that they are using real Apple devices

Benefits of Using iOS Emulator:

  • It is free of cost. Some people can’t afford to buy Apple devices but have an interest in using iOS apps and games. This is the best option to experience the iOS applications on Windows PC.
  • The installation process of this software is very easy and one can easily run on multiple devices that are running on the same iOS.
  • People no need to worry about issues that occur after installing or while using. It easily finds all the issues and fixes them in the early design.
  • You can run, test, debug all the iOS applications with the help of a developer tool.
  • It also helps the user to learn more about the iOS development program and Xcode.
  • If you are planning to buy an iPhone or iPad, but you haven’t know anything about it, then through this iOS Emulator, you can easily know about the iOS applications.

Top 10 iOS Emulator for Windows PC/Laptop:

Without further ado, let’s move to the main part of the post i.e., the list of Top 10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows.

#1 iPadian

iPadian is the most recommended iOS Emulators for Windows in the list because of its amazing Graphical Interface, app compatibility, clear indicators, multiple-choice to download the apps and much more.

The name itself reveals that users can use all the iPad applications by installing this iOS Emulator on their Windows PC.

The iPadian software enables the users to use some basic applications like browser, clock, calculator and much more. iPadian Emulator has a user-friendly interface and has similar customizable features such as Siri, iMessage and much more.

It is available in two versions i.e., free and paid. In free version also, you can download your favorite apps and games from App Store.

#2 Smartface

Smartface is another excellent iOS emulator that enables the user to download and install the games and also gives access to a wide range of apps.

It used to test the newly designed iOS apps on your Windows PC. Every device has its own resolution, but through this emulator, users can adjust the screen resolution as per their requirement.

Smartface consists of a debugging tool so that you can easily check and scan for bugs within the iOS application. Despite working as a tester, this emulator comes out with a best stimulating iOS interface.

#3 App.io

If you are a developer and always wanted to test the beta versions of the app before its final launch, then this App.io Emulator can help you in testing.

It is the right tool to test the beta version before its final launch. It enables you to send an online demo of the app to various beta testers, customers or investors without having the app.

It allows you to explore iOS applications and game world. With the help of Cloud Integration, users can stream mobile apps on any Windows PCs. App.io Emulator enables its users to access various functions like testing, app previews, and demos.

#4 MobiOne Studio

This is a dual role software which is an emulator and visual designer. It enables the user to design and develop iOS applications on their Windows desktop.

Without using any coding skills, it helps in creating iOS web apps easily. You can easily customize the layout resolution and also can be changed to landscape and portrait.

It has a drag and drop interface mainly helpful to design and run the iOS apps. People can easily test their developed apps in different forms and screen sizes. This MobiOne Studio software enables us to get notifications similar to iOS.

#5 Appetize.io

It is the best alternative to App.io iOS Windows Emulator. The Appetize.io emulator allows the user to develop and test the iOS apps and Android apps on any cloud storage.

There is no need to install any other software in order to run this emulator. It is an online-based emulator, all need to have is a constant internet connection.

If you want to run Android apps and iOS applications on your Windows PC, then this Appetize.io is the best too for you. This is also specially designed for the developers, who are interested in testing the applications.

#6 Air iPhone

This Air iPhone emulator comes with a support of the Adobe AIR Framework, which lets you access all the basic applications the same as on the iOS devices. It creates a virtual interface on the Windows desktop that looks exactly the same as the iPhone. Those who are searching for the best iOS emulator to replicate iOS interface, then this is the best option.

One has to remember that, without Adobe AIR Framework, this emulator won’t work properly. People can download the Air iPhone emulator and can get access to test the various apps on their Windows PC.

#7 iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is the best alternative to iPadian emulator and it is very compatible with Windows PCs or desktops. But the only difference between iPhone simulator and iPad emulator is, iPhone Simulator needs installation where iPad simulator doesn’t need any installation.

The iPhone Simulator has the best user interface and those you do not have iPhone or iPad can experience the feel of a real iPhone and it is also free of cost.

#8 Xamarin

The above-mentioned iOS emulators for Windows are free of cost and free to use. If you want to explore more and ready to buy the emulator, then try this Xamarin emulator. It is a user-friendly emulator that gives the exact same real experience of iPhone on your Windows desktop. But it allows us to use only limited access to Apple App Store and it will not contain any default apps.

#9 Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is another paid emulator on the list. Although it is paid emulator, but the features available in this emulator are more worthy enough. The Electric Mobile Studio is specially used for developing, designing and testing of iOS apps.

It gives the completely same feel, touch and user interface on Windows desktop the same as using apps on Apple devices.

#10 Ripple

Ripple emulator is another cloud-based iOS emulator. It is often used by the developer for testing of applications and also for the development of the new applications.

This iOS emulator is compatible with Google Chrome which allows you to run iOS apps on your Windows desktop. It is not software based but it is an extension of the Google Chrome browser.


So, this article was all about iOS Emulator software where we shared Top 10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows OS PC/Laptop. Hope you guys got enough information related to best iOS emulators for Windows.

If you want to experience iOS world on your Windows PC or desktop, try one of the above mentioned emulators. If you have any doubts, just drop them in the comment box below. Please share this article with your friends to let them know that they can run iOS Apps on Windows PC.

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