Hi TricksGalaxians….! Today I am going to share another trick on PD Proxy to use it unlimited with a Free account. Yes, here is PD Proxy Unlimited Usage/Bandwidth Trick.

We generally use PD Proxy only for two main purposes. Firstly- To use Unlimited free Internet (especially in India) and secondly, To hide the Identity (IP address, Location etc) and to unblock any blocked website in your country. That means- If any website normally blocked by your ISP then you can’t access that website but using VPN you can access/open that particular website just the connection to other countries server.

PD Proxy

So, whatever may be the purpose, we need a good VPN service and PD-Proxy is one of the best VPN with a lot of features. You may have used PD Proxy before. PD-Proxy makes it impossible for others to spy on you, they can’t even see what sites you are visiting or from which country you are actually visiting when you are using PD-Proxy.

As we know PD Proxy offers both free and paid membership. Using paid or a premium account you can use it Unlimited but with a Free account you can use 100MB per day only. To use PD Proxy unlimited you need either-

  • PD Proxy Premium account (Already shared here 1 month PD Proxy Premium Account) or
  • PD Proxy Unlimited bandwidth/Usages Trick

Methods To Use PD Proxy Unlimited Bandwidth Tricks

Trick 1: PD Proxy Unlimited Usage Tricks with Same Account

  • At first, Download PD Proxy if you have already downloaded then Open PD Proxy
  • Enter your login details
  • Go to setting and enter UDP or TCP port
  • Now Select Demo Server 2
  • When you Select Demo Server 2 in PD Proxy, click to connect.
  • You’re done…..!
  • Now you Unlimited Data in PD Proxy with Demo Server 2

Note: To use it unlimited, don’t disconnect the Internet, otherwise it may not connect on the same day.

Trick 2: PDProxy Unlimited Bandwidth Trick with Many Free Accounts

  1. Download PD Proxy from here (In case you don’t have it)
  2. Create many Trial accounts
  3. Now Open PD-Proxy software
  4. Enter login details and TCP/UDP port
  5. Connect with Demo Server 1 or Demo Server 2
  6. This method is exactly reverse of Trick 1, you must disconnect PD Proxy when you reached 80MB
  7. And after disconnecting PD-Proxy, again connect with another Trial/Free account. Each account will give you 80 Mb so just create many trial Pd proxy account.

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Last Words:

So these were the best PD Proxy Unlimited Usage Trick or you can say it as the Unlimited Bandwidth Tricks to use PD Proxy Unlimited with trial/free account. Don’t forget to comment which trick is working for you? Keep visiting Tricks Galaxy for more Tricks & Tips, Thanks.