How to Read Deleted Message WhatsApp on Android (2 Methods)

Are you searching for How to Read WhatsApp Message “Deleted for Everyone” on Android?

Well, you’re at the right place. Recently WhatsApp rolled out an update (Delete for Everyone) by which any WhatsApp user can delete the message sent by him/her for everyone within 7 minutes if they want.

The message get’s deleted from both the ends. So, if you have sent some message by mistake to someone then you can easily delete that message by tapping on the message and clicking on “Delete for everyone” and the deleted message will be displayed as “This message was deleted”.

So, once the sender deletes the message you can not directly read deleted WhatsApp message but you can just know that any particular message has been deleted which was sent.

Today, I’m gonna share a simple but great trick which will do that job. Yes, you heard it right, by using this trick, you can read the deleted message which was sent and then deleted by the sender. In this post, I’m going to sharing the two apps for Android by which you can read deleted WhatsApp Message. So, let’s get started. Shall we?

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message on Android?

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

Well, that’s the main topic. To read deleted WhatsApp msg, here we have shared top 2 application for Android. You can use any of them and the main thing is that “WhatsApp push notifications need to be enabled on your Smartphone.

The main trick we are gonna use it that When you are not using WhatsApp or not chatting with the sender then all the message you receive are always displayed in the Notification bar and by using any of these apps we will save the Notification history.

So, all the message will be saved under Notification history of the app. Therefore, the deleted message will be also saved. That way, you can easily read any WhatsApp message even after it is deleted. Now, let’s check out the app with the step by step process required to read deleted WhatsApp message.

#1 Read Deleted WhatsApp Message using Notification History App:

Step 1: At first install the app named “Notification History” from the Google PlayStore (Link is given below)

Notification History
Notification History
Developer: Yotta Studio
Price: Free

Step 2: Once you have installed it, just Open it up.

Step 3: Now, you need to give this app the permission to enable the Accessibility Service and “Notification Access” This permission is required for this purpose. So, in order to activate it, just tap on the part that is disabled.

View Deleted WhatsApp Message

Step 4: In the next screen, you will see the following option (shown in the picture below). It will be “OFF” by default, just turn it “ON” and then tap “OK”.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Message Android

Read WhatsApp Deleted Msg

Step 5: That’s it, the app has now gained the rights to access the Notification Log of your device. Now, you can easily save the notification and that lets you read any WhatsApp message even it is deleted.

Step 6: Now, Open the “Notification history” of inside the app and click on WhatsApp icon there and you can easily see & read deleted message from WhatsApp even it is deleted.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message

Notes to Keep in Mind:

  • If your internet connection was turned off during the time when WhatsApp contact has sent and deleted the message then you won’t get any Notification for it. So, this app also won’t be able to show deleted WhatsApp message.
  • Let me make it clear that, this app will only display you the text (first 150 words of your deleted WhatsApp Message) and will not show the picture or video message.

Finally, you have successfully learned how to read deleted WhatsApp message. In case, if “Notification History” app does not work on your phone then you can try another great app for this purpose named “WA Delete for Everyone” which is also available for free.

#2 How to See/Read Deleted WhatsApp Message by using “WA Delete for Everyone”

WA Delete for Everyone is the great app to read deleted WhatsApp message because this app is specially developed for WhatsApp notifications on Android. So, you can easily view & read any deleted messages on WhatsApp with the help of this app.

  • First of all, download “WA Delete for Everyone” app which you can get from Google PlayStore. (Link shared below)
  • Once you have installed it on your phone, just Open the app and it will show you some info about the app i.e. when will this app work etc. Just click on “AGREE AND CONTINUE”.
  • In the next screen, the app will ask for permission which is required to enable notification access of your Phone. Just tab on “ENABLE PERMISSION”.

Read WhatsApp Deleted msg

  • Now just turn the “WA Delete for Everyone” ON as shown in the screenshot and click to Allow.
  • Congrats, you have successfully installed and configured the WA Delete for Everyone app. Now, the app is ready to help you read the deleted message on your WhatsApp.

View Deleted WhatsApp Message Trick

  • Now, you can always use this app whenever you want to read deleted WhatsApp message and it will show you the message even it is deleted by the sender. That’s all.

Last Words: (Reading Deleted WhatsApp Message)

So, this was the simple trick on how to read deleted WhatsApp message easily even when the message is deleted by the sender. If you want to read deleted message from WhatsApp then you can use any of these two apps.

Hope you have liked this article. If you have any question regarding this topic then you can ask in comments. Also, share your views/ideas/suggestion in the comment box. Thanks.!

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