Top 10 Online Tools to Help You Study

There is a belief that the Internet is a distraction for many students. Of course, if they use it to view funny videos and play online casino, then this explains everything.

However, there are those who take advantage of this innovation to the full by browsing countless websites packed with educational materials. Below, there are ten top-rated online products used by students for educational purposes.

No matter whether these are study games, digital libraries, tests, or other tools, these educational websites and apps can help both educators and pupils of any age to prepare for exams at a very low cost or for free.

Top 10 Online Tools to Help You Study

Online Study Tools

1. Marinara Timer

Marinara Timer allows students to set their own timer. Offering various alarm sounds, it is very entertaining to use.

Users can decide on their own how long they want to study and how often they want to take a breather. Small breaks are proven to have a positive effect on students’ performance: they become more concentrated and involved.

This tool will always let you know when it is time for studying and when it is time to take a break.

2. Quizlet

This study app offers numerous activities and games for high school and college students.

Questionnaires, tests, quizzes, matching entertainments, flashcards, audio effects, and so forth – all of these help students to acquire information and master new skills in a stress-free manner.

Its diagramming feature helps students to do better in subjects involving many visuals, like geography, anatomy, etc. Unlike many online tools, this one allows studying offline as well.

3. GoConqr

This cross-platform tool is created with the students’ and teachers’ needs in mind. Available on almost any device, this learning environment allows creating mind maps to structure and visualize materials so that students can understand and memorize them better.

The site comes with a number of features such as a study planner, self-made questionnaires, flashcards, and others. All of them help to learn and teach educational materials more effectively not only in the school settings or at home, but also on the go.

4. StudyBlue

This online platform is created for convenient collaboration. It allows users with similar educational goals to use and share various flashcards, books, and so forth.

This tool also enables pupils to interact and work on the same project simultaneously.

The site offers various study modes, extensive digital library, and storage for all your documents. The users also highly appreciate the given opportunity to track their progress on a particular subject.

5. Evernote

This online tool is a perfect choice for those studying using different devices.

With it, students can synchronize all of their notes, projects, and research info between their smartphones and computers, so that they can access the needed information no matter what device they use.

Except for storing and organizing, this tool also allows sharing and creating. Many students and educators turn to this tool to keep their documents and notes in order, develop teaching aids, and perform everyday tasks beyond the school settings.

6. StudyStack

This Internet product is a good learning tool for those tending to improve their memorizing skills. Students use it to create flashcards which are then used for guessing which one is right and which one is wrong.

Except for flashcards, a lot of other pedagogical activities are available online.

These are word puzzles, matching entertainments, and hangman games. Alongside all of these activities, students can benefit from various questionnaires and tests.


Even though this resource has been updated a while ago, every student can take advantage of it. This is a good solution for memorizing terms and their definitions.

If you decide on browsing this website, don’t hesitate to post some articles and other information to share with others.

The site allows earning badges for learning. This contributes to gaining knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

8. Schooltraq

This tool is a lifesaver for those who always forget about upcoming events, important tests, and assignment deadlines. This Internet planner helps to manage time easily so that you never forget to obtain some of the custom essays services in time. With it, you will never lose your schedule as it allows to sync up all information between different devices. A user-friendly interface and a simple design make it easy for all students to plan their lives in and beyond the school settings with no stress.

9. Desmos

This is an absolutely free online tool designed in the form of a graphing calculator. It enables students to represent functions using a graph, evaluate expressions, and plot the date. It is recommended to learn the guidelines to get the most of the product. With it, there is nothing difficult for students in managing the graphs and solutions.

10. Khan Academy

This educational resource offers an extensive library packed with thousands of lectures, exercises, and videos. A cross-platform tool offers lessons in different subjects, including history and math. What students like about it most is the ability to review their daily tasks and check their progress.

Many of the above-mentioned products offer “pro” profiles or upgraded packages; however, all of them have free tools as well. Try all of them to see which suit you best.

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