Best Android Launcher of 2018 – Faster & Better Battery Life Launcher Themes

Best Launcher, best launcher & best launcher, what are the best Android Launcher for 2018??? – are the interesting questions which keep running in the mind of various Android Smartphone users in 2018

As we know, Android Launcher is the app which can alone bring a lot of customization for your Android Smartphone like it can give you good quality Home-Screen, Cleans & Boost Up Android Performance, Tons of Attractive widgets and much more.

While selecting the best launcher for your Android, you need to look it out from many points of view.

Today, I am here with the list of Top 17 Best Launcher for Android.

So, you can easily select the best launcher among the best which make your Android faster & smarter.

These all launchers will work nicely on your smartphone even on unrooted Android phones.

However, if you have rooted your Android, you will have more privileges to customize your phone better. Do you want to root your Android? Check out Top 10 Apps to Root Android without PC.

Top 17 Best Launcher for Android 2018

Best Android Launcher

List of Best Launcher for Android

1Holo Launchercom.mobint.hololauncher
2APEX Launchercom.anddoes.launcher
3Nova Launchercom.teslacoilsw.launcher
5Buzz Launchercom.buzzpia.aqua.launcher
6Action Launchercom.actionlauncher.playstore
7Apus Launchercom.apusapps.launcher
8Google Now
10Dodol Launchercom.campmobile.launcher
11Smart Launcher 3ginlemon.flowerfree
12Next Launcher 3Dcom.gtp.nextlauncher
13360 Launchercom.qihoo360.launcher
17Hola Launchercom.hola.launcher

#1 Holo Launcher – Faster Android Launcher

Holo Launcher for Android

Holo launcher is the best launcher which I am personally using it on my Android. It is a perfect launcher for you if you’re looking for launcher which can give the awesome appearance, simple and faster performance.

Holo Launcher is simple, fast, highly customizable and powerful home replacement, based on KitKat Launcher. Holo Launcher can also run on Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS and Jelly Bean.

Holo Launcher
Holo Launcher
Developer: Mobint Software
Price: Free

#2 APEX Launcher – Best Launcher For Android 2018

Apex Launcher for Android

Apex launcher is one of the top launcher app developed by Apex Inc. which can customize your phone and make it smartphone. It is the best launcher for your Android if you love to customize your smartphone frequently.

The best thing is that apex launcher is free but you they also offer pro version. You need to pay 4.49$ to unlock extra features (i.e in pro version).

#3 Nova Launcher: The everyman Launcher for Android devices

Nova Launcher for Android

Nova launcher is another best launcher which can give you good appearance as well as performance to your android. This is why I listed Nova under Top 3 Android Launcher.

Nova is the launcher with dozens of features like – lots of themes, scrolling effects and many more features which make your Android look goods.

Nova is an app which can customize lots of things and consumes very less RAM, thereby giving maximum performance and boost the speed of your smartphone.

Features of Nova Launcher:

  • In Icon Themes, You can Find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher on the Play Store.
  • Subgrid positioning option gives much greater control than standard launchers
  • You will have Color controls for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs, backgrounds and more.
  • With Customize App Drawer, you can Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, Custom effects.
  • Nova Launcher has Infinite scroll
  • Backup/Restore option allows you to backup your desktop layout and launcher settings.
  • You can create Scrollable Dock.
  • You can Place any widget in your dock.
  • In Nova Launcher, You can Import Layout from most popular launchers.
  • Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do it’s work quickly.
Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Price: Free

#4 EverythingMe – Best Launcher For Android 2018

(EverythingMe is a Contextual Launcher™ that delivers everything you need from your phone in just one tap.)

Everything.Me launcher is less about customizing your phone’s design and more about automatically showing you the apps and information you need, according to what you’re looking for at the moment.

It has a stunning home screen, Unique design, Faster and better user interface. No doubt EverythingMe is the best launcher for Android in 2018.

Features of EverythingMe Launcher:

  • It’s Smart Folders feature automatically organize your apps into folders you choose
  • With Quick Contacts Panel, You can Just swipe left to call or message your top contacts, automatically selected for you.
  • The Prediction Bar anticipates your needs and delivers the apps you need right now, according to your context.
  • Fastest search option lets you Type just one letter to get apps, contacts or info.
  • By Context Feed, you can access your missed calls, recent photos, calendar and more with just one tap on your home screen.
  • Customizable Gestures feature.
  • Lucky/Daily Wallpaper feature can surprise you with beautiful wallpapers on your smartphone.
  • Contextual App Discovery: You don’t need to search through millions of apps in the store. Your launcher will help you discover great matches for you.
EverythingMe Launcher
EverythingMe Launcher
Developer: Everything_Me
Price: Free+

#5 Buzz Launcher – the best android launcher 2018

Buzz Launcher app is another launcher which is rated as Best Android Launcher of 2018. It is an innovative Android launcher which comes with a lot of Innovative home screen Ideas, a lot of customizations.

Buzz is truly strong and great launcher that is why it is listed here under Top 5 Best Launcher.

Buzz Launcher Allows you:

  • Customize much more than just changing your wallpaper or theme.
  • You can Change between multiple smooth, fast, and easy Transition effects.
  • You can apply new home screens at a touch of a button, instantly!
  • You can personalize your home screen with robust icon, wallpaper editing features
  • You can download & implement completely free home screens within just 5 seconds!
  • You can share home screens with one click via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  • You can explore unique widget features such as clock, date, and battery
  • You can Create your own customized widget using Buzz Custom Widget.

#6 Action Launcher: Highly Customizable Launcher

Action Launcher Android

Action launcher is not only the best launcher, but it can be also called as the customization house for your Android phone. It offers the features like – Quick page, covers, Quickdraw, shutter etc. Action Launcher is one among the best Launchers which include tons of amazing features & customization available for smartphone users.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

#7 Apus Launcher: Android Speed Booster Launcher

Apus Launcher is another good launcher which can completely change your home screen, themes etc.

With APUS launcher, you can personalize your home screen with APUS Themes and Wallpapers, APUS Mobile Search to find apps or websites easily.

The most important features of APUS launcher is that it has APUS speed boost feature, means you can free up more RAM to increase the speed hence the performance of your Android.

So, if you use APUS launcher, you do not need to install any cleaner app. APUS Launcher is not only best at customization but also it can speed up your Slow Smartphone.

APUS Launcher: Theme Launcher
APUS Launcher: Theme Launcher
Developer: APUS Group
Price: Free

#8 Google Now Launcher – The Best Android Launcher 2018

Google Now Launcher for Android

Google Now Launcher is completely free and one of the best launcher for android device. This launcher is offered by Google Inc.

Google now is the simple yet powerful Android launcher which has Google Now integration, hence it acquired its title.This launcher gives similar looks to the devices which are from Google – Nexus Devices. So, if you are interested you can install Google Now Launcher right now from below link.

Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

#9 Solo: The Best Launcher Android 2018

Solo Launcher is not only the fast launcher but also it Cleans cache, boosts speed, clears storage and saves memory space and makes your device faster. Solo Launcher is top ranked Android Launcher of 2015 and rated as 4.5 Star in PlayStore.

Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY
Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY

#10 Dodol Best Android Launcher 2018

If you want high-quality themes (wallpaper+icons) for your Android then you should install Dodol Launcher. Dodol is the best launcher which can automatically apply the most widely used widgets (like Memory Cleaner and Quick Settings) on the desktop.

LINE Launcher
LINE Launcher
Developer: OGQ for iconnect.
Price: Free

#11 Smart Launcher 3 – SIMPLE, LIGHT, FAST Launcher of 2018

As the name tells, Smart Launcher 3 is really the Smart which can smartly speed up your android device. It is the best Innovative launcher of 2015.

Smart Launcher 3 is completely different from other launchers which is available in PayStore. It has tons of themes and lock screen.

Smart Launcher 5
Smart Launcher 5
Developer: Smart Launcher Team
Price: Free+

#12 Next Launcher: For 3D Screen Lover

Next Launcher is the best 3D Launcher for Android which offers you 3D dynamic effects. It is highly customizable Android home screen replacement app. Its time to get rid of the flat traditional launcher and embrace REAL 3D Launcher.

With Next Launcher, you will get an extremely fancy 3D effect with buttery smooth experience, Stunning 3D screen preview with dazzling animation of screen switching and many more awesome features. If you’re interested, install Next Launcher 3D Shell just now.

Next Launcher 3D Shell
Next Launcher 3D Shell
Developer: GOMO Limited
Price: $16.99+

#13 360 Launcher – Fastest Android Launcher of 2018

360 Launcher is one of the fastest Android Launcher in the world. It is a powerful home launcher which gives you a series of highly customized features, plenty of awesome themes, wallpapers, and fonts, many attractive lock screens, a lot of transition animations, app starting animations, dozens of powerful widgets.

This launcher has also Built in Cleaner that clears up your RAM hence speeding up your Android. Wow…! You’re getting excited, install 360 Launcher right now.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

#14 Mini Launcher: Best KitKat Style Launcher for Android

Mini Launcher is best for your Android if you are one who is looking for the best experience, change your Launcher and install Mini Launcher.

It is an original & highly customizable KitKat style Launcher for Android KitKat. It comes with a new look & beautiful design with all great features. Mini Launcher has a style of Kit-Kat which make easy to set good looking display and home screen view. if you’re interested you can go with Mini Launcher.

Mini Launcher - small & fast
Mini Launcher - small & fast
Developer: Home Plus
Price: Free

#15 91 Launcher:

91 Launcher is not more popular as other launcher but when you think about simply smoothly and faster run your android phone, 91 Launcher is the perfect launcher for you.

It’s Simple launcher but smart, smooth and amazing, it will beautifully speed up your smartphone. 91 Launcher is also loaded with beautiful effects like (cube, smooth, edge, corner) and many things more like other popular launchers.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

#16 Cheetah Launcher: Faster Launcher for Android

Cheetah Launcher for Android

Cheetah Launcher is fast smooth and simply reliable launcher to make your Android phone faster. Under this launcher, there are many wallpapers and themes to download which make your smartphone more smarter and cool..!

Cheetah launcher intelligently discovers your most commonly used apps and places them on the home screen for your convenience. Cheetah Launcher delivers a personalized and intelligent Android Launcher which contains cool functions, fun decorations, and premium themes.

Cheetah Launcher
Cheetah Launcher
Developer: CC Launcher
Price: Free

#17 Hola Launcher: The Fastest Android Launcher

(Personalize your Android with this small, lightweight, and easy-to-use alternative to your default home launcher.)

Hola Launcher is one of the best Launcher of 2015-16. It is simple & cool which has qualities of two launchers. It’s truly fast as Dodol Launcher and innovative as Buzz Launcher.

Hola has become popular in light weight launchers. If you’re using an old android phone which has low RAM and worst battery life, then you must try Hola Launcher.

Hola Launcher- Theme,Wallpaper
Hola Launcher- Theme,Wallpaper
Developer: Holaverse
Price: Free

Are you iOS or iPhone Fan? Want iPhone looks on your Android Smartphone? You must check out the Top 10 iPhone Launcher for Android 2018 to Bring iOS Looks on Android Smartphone

Final Words:

These are some Best launcher for Android. You can gift your smartphone a lot of customization, new looks, improve phone’s performance and much more just by installing your Favorite Launcher.

So, which is your Favorite Launcher for 2018? Share your feedback in below comment box.

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  2. Where is TSF Shell in the list. It’s an outstanding launcher. I have been using it since 3 years. I have tried all the launchers above. I didn’t find a perfect one like TSF.

  3. Thank you for sharing this amazing launcher with us. I did not know which launcher to use on my phone, so I tried each of them that you provided. And I found Google now launcher as the best. Thank you very much.

  4. Hi Ajit. The only Cons of these launchers are They consume very high RAM usage in a smartphone. I have tried Holo Launcher and feel that issue so now back to original inbuilt Stock Android Launcher and it works well. One more thing Some of the launchers given in the list are not available.


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