Top 10 Best Hindi Shayari Apps for Android 2018

Shayari in the Hindi language are really famous in almost every part of India. There is a great demand for Hindi Shayari and because of the increasing demand, there are now many Hindi Shayari applications for Android out there.

The main benefit of having a Hindi Shayari app installed on your Android device is that whenever you wish to listen or find some very interesting and new Hindi Shayari, you will not have to search Google in order to find them as the latest and best Hindi Shayari will always readily be available on your Android devices if you install any of the Hindi Shayari Android apps.

If you are in search of the best Hindi Shayari Android apps out there, then today we present you with a list of the top 10 best Hindi Shayari Apps for Android. Must Check Free Movie Apps for Android (Updated).

Top 10 Best Hindi Shayari Apps for Android

Best Shayari Apps for Android

Here is the list of the top 10 best Hindi Shayari apps for Android.

#1 Hindi Shayari:

The Hindi Shayari app for Android is the most preferred Android application by anyone who is interested to install a Hindi Shayari Android app on their device. This application is so popular for Hindi Shayari that if you search in the Google Play Store for Hindi Shayari apps, this application is the first application that appears in the list of search results.

The main attraction of this application, apart from its vast library of Hindi Shayari, is its user interface. This application has Hindi Shayari split into different categories so that you can easily find the specific type of Hindi Shayari that you are searching for.

Apart from the user interface, any cool feature about this application is that it does not require an internet connection in order to work which makes this application the perfect place to find the best Hindi Shayari. Also, you can choose to share your favorite Hindi Shayari from the application on any of your social media profiles.

Hindi Shayari
Hindi Shayari
Developer: i-Free India
Price: Free

#2 Hindi Love Shayari:

Are you in the mood for some love Shayari’s in Hindi? Then the Hindi Love Shayari app for Android is all that you need. The main attraction of this application is indeed the thousands of love Shayari’s in Hindi that it features. However, the application is not only restricted to love Hindi Shayari’s but you can also find Hindi Shayari’s in different categories using this application as well.

Even this application allows you to share your favorite Shayari’s with anyone in your social media contacts so that you can spread the love with them as well.

Hindi Love Shayari
Hindi Love Shayari
Developer: AppsByMickey
Price: Free

#3 हिंदी शायरी – Hindi Shayari:

Among the really popular Hindi Shayari apps for Android is the हिंदी शायरीHindi Shayari app. The function of this application is very much understood from the name of the application itself. The हिंदी शायरी – Hindi Shayari app for Android offers its users with more than a thousand Shayari in the Hindi language that is split into different categories so as to make it easier for users to find and get the type of Hindi Shayari that they want.

Upon launching the application on your Android device, you will come across the three main sections of the application, namely: My Favorites, Latest and Category. Using these sections, you can discover new Shayari in Hindi and also make a personalized collection of your favorite Hindi Shayari and even search for any particular Hindi Shayari.

This application also lets you share any Hindi Shayari of your choice from within the application across popular networks like Facebook and WhatsApp. You can even opt to send any Shayari from the application via Gmail as well.

#4 Shayari (Hindi):

The Shayari(Hindi) app for Android also offers a huge collection of Hindi Shayari. What makes this application different from the other apps mentioned in this list is that this application also features Hindi Shayari with pictures. So if you are searching for Hindi Shayari with pictures to share with someone, then this application is something that you must check out.

This app also features a very good user interface and also features several categories of Hindi Shayari like Mohabbat, Dosti and more.

#5 Romantic Shayari:

The Romantic Shayari app for Android, as the name says, features some of the most romantic Hindi Shayari for anyone to read and share for free. The different categories of Hindi Shayari’s that are featured within this application include Romantic Hindi Shayari, Dard Hindi Shayari and much more.

This application also features Hindi Shayari’s in the form of pictures and you can choose to send any Hindi Shayari of your choice to your contacts via social media shares as well.

Romantic Shayari
Romantic Shayari
Developer: i-Free India
Price: Free

#6 दर्द भरी शायरी:

The application name दर्द भरी शायरी roughly translates to “painful Shayari” and that is exactly what this application features If you are facing a breakup or hard times, then the Shayari’s in Hindi that is listed within this application will help you find some comfort.

This application not only features Shayari for the broken hearts but also features Hindi Shayari’s that can really help you in lighting up your mood from any sort of stress.

#7 Non-Veg Shayari (Hindi):

For the teenage guys and girls who have got used to the Non-veg type adult jokes, non-veg Hindi Shayari is the next step and this application will actually help you in finding some really interesting non-veg Shayari in Hindi.

The Non-Veg Shayari (Hindi) application have some adult type Hindi Shayari featured and in case you are a minor then this Hindi Shayari application is definitely not suitable or targeted towards you. Anyhow, if you are someone who is searching for some non-veg type Hindi Shayari, then this is the application you need.

#8 Shayaro ki Shayari:

Another awesome Hindi Shayari app for Shayari lovers is Shayaro ki Shayari. Even though this application does not feature an extensive library of Hindi Shayari, the Shayari’s in Hindi that is mentioned within the application is worth it and you will definitely enjoy and love all the Hindi Shayari that are listed in the application.

This application even features Hindi Shayari’s that are dedicated to very popular festivals like Diwali and New Year.

Shayaro Ki Shayari
Shayaro Ki Shayari
Developer: VVC Infotech
Price: Free

#9 Shayari ka Khazana:

As the name suggests, Shayari ka Khanaza is indeed a treasure full of awesome Hindi Shayari to please anyone who loves Hindi Shayari regardless of their taste in Shayari.

The application features a wide variety of Hindi Shayari’s under categories like Motivational Shayari, Romantic Shayari, and Funny Shayari.

Shayari ka Khazana
Shayari ka Khazana
Developer: Ahil Sultan
Price: Free

#10 Hindi SMS Shayari:

Lastly, we feature the Hindi SMS Shayari app for Android. If you are interested in short Hindi Shayari that you can send as SMS to others, then the Hindi SMS Shayari Android app will help you find short Shayari’s in Hindi for free. This application also allows you to pick any Hindi Shayari from within the application and directly send it to any contacts of yours as SMS. Also check the List of Cool WhatsApp Status (300+).

Hindi SMS Shayari
Hindi SMS Shayari
Developer: i-Free India
Price: Free

Final Words:

So, the top 10 best Hindi Shayari apps for Android that are mentioned in this list are absolutely free to download, install from the Google Play Store and use it for free for all type of shayari. Hope you found this list interesting and in case we missed out your favorite Hindi Shayari app, then do please mention the app as a comment below.

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