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  1. Somebody changed the password please update it with one

  2. it not working!!!!

  3. some one change the password please update it

  4. Bad login 🙁

  5. Vivek Agrawal says:

    again not working

  6. bad login aa raha he bhai…plz help

  7. 100% Working, updated. Thanks a lot TRicksGalaxy!!

  8. it is not working

  9. who the fuck changed password ? i know its not admin

  10. Works well 🙂

  11. Its working fine… great work Ajith Ray> Hats off you

  12. login not working

  13. Multiple access detected 🙁

  14. it is not opening someone might changed password

  15. Password has changed by someone. Please help …….

  16. padasaram says:

    Password changed … site not opening

  17. Hi
    good service, working so well but i know someone not so well ….thanks brother

  18. Ayush Rungta says:

    Password is changed .. plzz update

  19. Someone changed the password please reset it admin.

  20. mohammed malek says:

    password not working

  21. Not working please update

  22. Password changed again!!!

  23. its not wrking

  24. not working again.. Bad login..help

  25. bad login or password

  26. plz update password someone changed it

  27. Some sstupid changes the password. …admin pls change it back …thanks in advance

  28. Login password has changed … Not working

  29. More than one week…still not updated….admin..plzz go through. .its not working. ..some heck change the password

  30. Thanks for Fixing!!! 🙂

  31. Someone changed the password again.
    Plz fix it

  32. thanks for sharing, now can’t login bytebx expire or not

  33. the password has changed

  34. Divyanshu says:

    Plz fix this its saying bad login

  35. Divyanshu says:

    Fix bad login problem

  36. please update it

  37. Abhinav Kumar Singh says:

    I guess someone has changed the password again. Plaese fix it…

  38. how to get username and password?

  39. Pronoy Chowdhury says:

    Bro its not working…….. plz fix it…..

  40. I’m sorry but how do you login..what is email id and password. Please tell me

  41. Please fix it the password has been changed

  42. Could you tell me where I can find the email and password to log in please.

  43. GoodGuy says:

    Seems your password has been changed again.

  44. Thanks brother.

  45. someone has changed password.. plzz fixit

  46. password has been changed account not work

  47. your password has been changed again plzz fix this

  48. Hey it was working fine…now is’nt logging in..Please Help ! Thanks Again

  49. thanks
    ..this is the first site…..which link worked

  50. Bad login or password . Fix please

  51. Shivanshu Sharma says:

    again not working………..

  52. himanshu says:

    not working. bad login

  53. not working,bro…please update it…

  54. Sir both zbigz and bytebx are not working please update it….. Plzzzz sir

  55. Sriharsha says:

    It was working fine….. But not now. Plzz Update..

  56. Bad login, please update~

  57. Updated, Enjoy Bytebx Premium account now.

  58. bad login details,help bro

  59. Not working olz update

  60. The Bytebx Premium Account access is Updated now.

  61. Its a great help to me for downloading tv series and games. Thanks Ajit bhai

  62. Caching is not fast as compared to Zbigz, but can be helpful when Zbigz isn’t working. Thank you ajit for premium account logins

  63. swaroop banerjee says:

    thank you for your effort for providing this credential to us we are happy using the premium account of yours and keep doing the same in the near future also

  64. Thanks for providing the premium account. Its awesome with great downloading speed.

  65. Thanks for helping us.. Ur doinga great job

  66. thanks a lot it’s really awesome . Nice work

  67. Thanks Ajit Bro. Its a great job by sharing such a good site.

  68. The Accounts are great.But the files are getting deleted everytime.But thanks anyway for your help

  69. thank u bro for premium account

  70. Thnx for the premium account.The username and password are working.

  71. Thank you for the premium account.The username and password are working.

  72. Kishore Kumar Behera says:

    thank u a lot for providing the account details to get free download from Bytebx sites.In india most of the torrents sites are blocked but because of you we are able to access torrent files .thanks a lot again.

  73. I am waiting for the username and password to be updated again…

  74. abhay sharma says:

    bro your password not working send me the update password on my email

  75. Can i get password and username please

  76. Michaekl R says:

    SO i guess your facebook bot is not giving me the User login info Idk why help plsss

  77. Hi Ajit, i need bytebx account details. every time i message you on facebook you send zbigz account details. please send me bytebx account. thanks


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