How to Accept or Reject All Facebook Friend Requests at Once (2018)

Accept or Reject All Facebook Friend Requests At Once

Hi friends, as I have shared many Facebook Tricks and the most recent was How to Unfollow & Turn OFF notifications from All Facebook Groups at Once.  Today I will be talking about How to Accept or Reject All Facebook Friend Request at Once.

As we know, when someone sends a friend request to you, you can either accept or reject it, but if you have so many pending requests on your Facebook profile/account then it might be too lengthy and boring task to accept or reject those pending friend request manually one by one. Some people accept the friend request of only known persons or depending upon their own choice, but many people love to increase friend list on their Facebook Profile.

Are you getting lots of Facebook friend request and want to accept or reject all Facebook friend request at once? Do you need a trick which can do this with one click? Then this trick is especially for you. If you’re the one who makes limited friends on Facebook then you can accept those people and after that reject all friend request at once without wasting your time.

If you love to make more friends daily and love to accept all for increasing friend list then you can accept all friend request in one click. When you accept a big list of Facebook friend request at once, it will save a lot of time for sure.

How to Accept/Reject all Facebook Friend Request at Once

Accept/Reject All Facebook Friend Requests at Once
Requirements for accepting or rejecting all Facebook Friend Requests at Once.

In order to accept/reject all pending Facebook friend request, you will need the following two things.

  1. Google Chrome Web Browser
  2. Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject (It is a Chrome extension)

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Steps to Accept/Reject all Facebook Friend Request at Once

Step 1: At first you need to have Google Chrome Browser installed on your PC/Computer. You might have already installed and using Chrome Browser. If you don’t have then download and install it first. You can download google chrome offline installer from official site..

Step 2: Once you installed chrome, you need to install the extension “Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject” from Chrome web store, click here.

Accept or Reject all Facebook Friend Requests

Step 3: Click on “ADD TO CHROME” and then click on “Add” button. Now you will see the icon of “Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject” at the right top corner of your chrome.

Reject or Accept All Requests at Once

Step 4: Now go to the link and you will see all the Facebook friend request for your account.

Step 5: Now just click on the icon of “Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject” at the right top corner of your chrome browser.

Step 6: A popup will appear and ask you whether you want to accept or reject. Select Accept All Request if you want to accept all friend request or if you want to reject then choose to Reject All Requests. Finally, click on Accept All Request or Reject All Requests depending on your choice.

Accept All Friend Requests at Once

Step 7: Now close it, it will then refresh and all your friend requests are successfully accepted/rejected.

Final Words:

The process is very simple and by this way, you can Accept/Reject All Facebook Friend Request At Once and it can save your time for sure. It’s 100% working and personally tested by me. If you’re facing any problem regarding this, feel free to ask in comments. Hope you have liked it. Share it with your friends and share your views in the comment box.

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