How to Boost Adsense Earning by Blocking Low Paying Ads

Boost Adsense Earning by Blocking Low Paying Ads

Hi blogger and other website owners. Today, I brought to you a booster trick to increase AdSense earning. As we know, AdSense is one of the most trusted way of making money online. Many people create niche blogs targeting around high CPC keywords and spend lots of time in developing the blog. But, do you know? Your Adsense earnings might be low due to low CPC (Cost Per Click) ads. Have you ever thought of increasing your Google Adsense revenue by blocking some low CPC low paying ads?

Boost AdSense Earning

What Is The Reason Behind Low CPC in AdSense?

There are several advertisers for the same keyword. Some advertisers bid High CPC but some of them pay very low bucks to the publishers for the same keyword. Some ad bid may give you only 0.01$ per click which are considered under the low CPC ads.

So, the reason is that some ads in Google Adsense has really low bid and that can be $0.01 per click. In this case, your Adsense earning might be lower if your blog shows this kind of Ads.

How to Boost Adsense Earning in 2015?

Suppose, your blog is getting good traffic daily but no earnings! And when you do check and noticed that your blog is shown full of low CPC ads. This is the biggest reason of low earnings. So what will be the solution for it? My answer is that we can’t force their advertisers to increase CPC and pay more. But we can easily block these Low Paying ads. Even by blocking low CPC ads you can’t expect to earn $10 per click but you can atleast protect yourself from getting $0.01$ per click. Insn’t it!


How to Block Low CPC Ads in Google AdSense?

There is a simple way to increase Google AdSense income by blocking Low paying ads. Adsense allows users to block ads from specific networks. I have shared the list of some Low CPC advertising networks. By using that adsense setting, you need to block low paying CPC keywords on your blog which will increase space for the other ads related to the keyword with high CPC.

Steps to Block Low Paying Ads:

Step 1: Login to your Google AdSense Account

Step 2: Click on Allow & block ads

Step 3: Here you can see there are several option for blocking multiple ads with various category such as General, Sensitive and Advertisers etc. So, based on your blog/site content you can block different categorical ads by using this option. To show relevant ads, you can block those categories, which are not related to your niche or your keyword.

Increase AdSense CPC


Step 4: Just click on Advertisers URLs and in the box you have to just paste the URLs and make a click on Block URLs.

List of 250+ Low CPC Ads :

Step 5: Now you can see the low paying Ads/URLs are blocked in your Google Adsense account.

Block Low CPC Adsense Ads

Final Words:

So, these are the tutorials about increasing AdSense income by blocking Low CPC ads in your Google Adsense Account. You will surely benefit and increase Adsense earning. If you are not able to target high paying keyword which give high CPC, then this method surely increase your earnings with no risks! This tricks can’t give you $10 per click, but you can at least protect yourself from getting $0.01 per click.

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