How to Send Blank Message on WhatsApp in 2019 (Top 4 Tricks)

WhatsApp Blank Message Trick 2019:

Do you know How to Send Blank Message on WhatsApp? Well, WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging platforms out there. Even with billions of active users, there are some tricks and techniques that you can use on WhatsApp so as to prank your WhatsApp contacts.

There are many tricks for WhatsApp messenger that most of the users of the platform do not know. If you wish to prank all of your WhatsApp contacts and be unique, then today we are here with a detailed guide featuring different methods that you can use in order to prank your WhatsApp contacts by sending blank messages!

Yes, you heard it right, Blank Messages!

When thinking about sending blank messages on WhatsApp, you may wonder that you can just press the “Space” key without entering any text and send it to any WhatsApp contacts. Well, this does not work and you can try it for yourself, even you might have tried.

Until you enter any character or emoji, the “Send” button does not appear next to the text area and until you enter any character the “Send” button will be replaced by the “Voice” button that you can use to record and send audio clips via WhatsApp. So, let’s see how one can send blank msg on WhatsApp.

How to Send Blank Messages in WhatsApp?

Send Blank Message on WhatsApp

So, blank messages are indeed a unique trick on WhatsApp, and below are the 4 different ways following which you can send blank messages to any contacts on WhatsApp. Follow any of these 4 methods listed below to send blank messages in WhatsApp Messenger successfully.

#1 NoWord App : Send Blank Message on WhatsApp, Facebook

The first method to send blank text messages in WhatsApp will require you to download, install and run a third-party application named “Noword. Empty or Blank Message” on your Android device.

The application is available in the Google Play Store. The Noword app for Android can be installed on any device that runs on Android version 2.3 or above.

  • Launch the “Settings” app on your Android device, click on the “Security” option and then enable the option that says “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”.
  • Download Noword Android app APK or install this app directly on your Android device from PlayStore.
NoWord: Blank Message
NoWord: Blank Message
Developer: DeveloperzX
Price: Free
  • Once installed, launch the Noword Android app from your device.
  • When the app is launched, you will see a “Send” button. Click on this button.
  • A new popup will now open asking you to select the application via which you wish to send the blank message. Select the WhatsApp Messenger icon from the list of options.
  • Now the WhatsApp messenger will open.
  • Select the contact to who you wish to send the blank message.
  • Now the blank message will be sent to the WhatsApp contact.

Also: You can download WhatsApp Plus APK (Latest Version)

#2 Send Blank Message on WhatsApp Web (for PC)

Do wanna send blank message on WhatsApp Web using Chrome Browser on PC? Here is how you can generate blank space text character on PC.  This method for sending blank messages in WhatsApp will be completed by taking the help of a PC’s Keyboard.

For this method of sending a blank text message on WhatsApp messenger, you can either use a PC running any operating system. All you need is the Notepad software or the Text Editor application and a keyboard. So, let’s get started.

  • Open your PC, launch the Notepad or any Text Editor software.
  • Within the Notepad or Text Editor app, press and hold the “Alt” key of your keyboard and type “255” or “0160” from the number pad and press the “Space” key.

(make sure to type from the number pad itself, else it won’t work and as you type the number keep holding the Alt key).

  • Once you type “255” or “0160” while holding the “Alt” key and press the “Space” key, the number that you just typed will disappear and a blank space will appear in its place.
  • Save the file with the changes you just made and name the file as “BlankSpace”.
  • Copy and paste the “BlankSpace” file on to your Android device either using Bluetooth or via USB cable.
  • Open the “BlankSpace” file that you just copied on to your Android device using any text editor application that is available on your Android device.
  • Now long press on the blank space and the blank space within the “BlankSpace” file will get highlighted.
  • Copy the highlighted blank space.
  • Now, open the WhatsApp Messenger application and select the contact to who you wish to send the blank message.
  • Paste the message you copied earlier and now the “Send” button will appear next to the text field.
  • Tap on the “Send” button.
  • Congrats. Now, you have successfully Sent Blank Message on WhatsApp.

Tips: Instead of copying the “BlankSpace” file on to your Android device and then sending the blank message, you can directly copy the contents of the “BlankSpace” file from your PC itself and send the blank message using the WhatsApp Web application for PC.

You can also Open WhatsApp Web on your Chrome Browser and Copy the blank text and Send it to your WhatsApp Contact directly from your PC.

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#3 Send Empty Message on WhatsApp

In the third method to send blank message in WhatsApp, we make use of unidentifiable characters. There are some characters of languages other than English that are not identified by WhatsApp.

When you enter such a character, a blank space appears instead of the character itself and to the receiver it will look like you have sent a blank message.

  • First of all, you need a character that is unidentifiable by WhatsApp.
  • Click here to download a text file with unidentifiable WhatsApp character (Download the above text file directly to your Android device).
  • Open the file that you downloaded above on your Android device using any text editor app.
  • Copy the unidentifiable blank character that is present inside the file between the “ ” quotes (be sure to copy the character without the quotes).
  • Paste the copied character to any WhatsApp contact of yours and click on the “Send” button.
  • Now instead of the character itself, a blank space will be sent to your WhatsApp contact.

#4 Send Blank Text on WhatsApp using Empty Text App

In the fourth and last method to send blank message in WhatsApp, we will be making use of another third-party application called “Empty”. The Empty app for Android is similar to the “Noword” application that we made use of in the first method to send blank messages in WhatsApp.

So in case the “Noword” app is not working on your Android device then you can make use of the “Empty” app for Android.

  • Empty app for Android is available in the Google Play Store. You can download the Empty app for Android from the Google Play Store below.
Developer: MW Developers
Price: Free
  • Following the above link, download and install the “Empty” app on your Android device.
  • Launch the “Empty” app once installed.
  • The “Empty” application will feature nothing other than a “Send” button in the centre bottom of the app window.
  • Click on the “Send” button.
  • If prompted, select to launch the WhatsApp messenger application.
  • Select the WhatsApp contact that you wish to send the blank message to.
  • Click on the “Send” button in the WhatsApp messenger.

That is it. This is how to send blank messages in WhatsApp using the “Empty” Android app.

Final Words:

So, in this article, I’ve explained Top 4 Ways to Send Bank Message on WhatsApp. You can prank your friends by sending blank text to your WhatsApp contact.  Also, download APK Editor Pro or Android.

In case you know some other tricks to send blank messages in WhatsApp, do share them as comments below. Also, check out the Top 40 WhatsApp Tricks & Tips. Share this Article’s Link with your friends.  Now, Send Blank Message on WhatsApp. Enjoy & Thanks.

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