10+ Signs Someone is Tracking Your Phone

When someone is not interested in your welfare starts tracking your phone. It is, even more, scaring when the person who does it does not know you personally. But despite this, we are all exposed to secret phone spies who harbor selfish motives by tracking our phones. You can locate a cell phone with mSpy.

However, you do not need to despair and feel like an antelope besieged by lions since it is possible to detect when someone is tracking you even though some of these symptoms may not be straightforward to detect. If you want to learn to diagnose your phone, this post has all the common symptoms to look for. Keep reading to learn more.

Top 12 Signs Someone is Tracking Your Smartphone

Signs Someone is Tracking Your Phone

#1 Watch Out for Strange Sounds

Is your phone producing unusual or strange sounds in the background whenever you make a phone call? Do you hear strange clicks when calling? Be careful someone could be tracking your mobile phone. Even though background noises are normal, when they become continuous, you have every reason to be wary.

#2 Strange Battery Behavior

Another sign that someone is tracking your phone is that it will start experiencing difficulties maintaining its battery life. However, when you face this challenge, you should first troubleshoot it to find out the cause since several other factors lead to this condition.

For instance, batteries drain faster if you have installed apps that consume a lot of power. Additionally, when your battery is aging, it will definitely start losing power faster. Once you have established the real course, you can authoritatively conclude that your phone is under secret tracking.

Another strange battery behavior that needs to make you suspicious is that your phone remains warm continuously. Whereas it is normal for smartphones to get warmer when they are charging it or when surfing for a long time, it is unusual for your battery to remain warm in the absence of these two activities.

#3 Lighting When the Phone is not in Use

Even though it is not strange for your phone to light up, it should not light up unless you are using a certain function or making a call. If you notice your phone behaving this way, you have every reason to suspect that someone is tracking your device.

#4 Suspicious Program Alerts

Are you experiencing alerts that tell you a suspicious program is running behind the scenes? If yes, that could just be another sign that your phone has a secret spyware running behind the scenes.

#5 Problems Shutting Down the Phone

If you face phone shutdown problems with your phone, you should be suspicious that someone is tracking you. When someone is tracking your smartphone, it will have shutting difficulties and start lighting up even after you have switched it off.

#6 A Self-Adjusting Interface

Another sign of spyware infiltration is that your phone’s interface keeps changing by itself. Additionally, you will see the color and brightness combination failing to work properly.

#7 Unusual Phone Slowness

Is your phone running slow? If yes, you need to troubleshoot to establish the cause of the problem. If your troubleshooting does not show anything wrong with the phone, then you have every reason to be suspicious of a spying program working secretly behind the scene.

#8 Strange System Files

Another symptom to look for when diagnosing your phone for an intruding spying application is the presence of strange system files. In this case, you will see different files in the file manager. It is usually difficult to remove these files, and when you see experience such difficulty, you can confirm your fears that someone has infected your phone with a tracking app.

#9 Decreased Phone Performance

This is another sign you need to look for. However, if you notice your phone’s overall performance reducing, you have to give it the benefit of doubt and troubleshoot it to get to the cause. The reason why you have to be patient is that other reasons are responsible for reduced performance.

Once you have ruled out all the possible causes, you can confirm your fears that your phone is infected. One of the ways through which reduced performance manifests itself is frequent phone jamming.

#10 Inability to Use Available Free Space

Does your phone have enough space, and yet, you cannot access and use it? If your phone is behaving this way, there are very high chances that the space you cannot access or use is occupied by a secret application. The reason is that most of the spy apps work in stealth mode, and hence, the space they occupy will not appear on the list of app space occupation.

#11 Check for Soaring Bills

To ascertain whether someone is spying on your phone or not, you have to look beyond technical issues and turn to money matters. If you notice you are receiving skyrocketing phone or data bills, you might be under secret tracking.

Additionally, when you experience abnormal data consumption on your phone, there are high chances that your phone is under surveillance. The reason is that these tracking apps monitor your phone’s location and consume roaming data when reporting to the person who is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

If you have not had any foreign trip, and yet, you are now experiencing abrupt and protracted data consumption, be on the lookout someone could be tracking you.

#12 Check for Any Jailbreaking or Rooting

Lastly, if you notice that your Android device has been rooted or your iPhone is jailbroken, then you have every reason to suspect that someone has installed a monitoring app.

The reason is that installing some of these apps requires the installer to break and bypass the phone’s built-in restrictions on third-party applications.

Additionally, you can look for the presence of some of the jailbreaking apps on your iPhone if the installer was in a hurry or careless when they were jailbreaking the device. Some of these apps are Cydia, Icy, Installer, Installous, and SBSettings.

Last Words:

Besides being able to locate a cell phone with mSpy, you can also take care to ensure that your phone does not carry malicious spy that does not come from credible sources like mspy.com. However, it is not hard to know when someone is tracking your phone since you can use the signs and symptoms to detect secret spying. We hope that our exposes will help you to remain on guard against secret spying.

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