How to Auto Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once Using Gmail 2018 [Script not Needed]

How to Auto Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once. Facebook is the No.1 & most powerful Social media platform for bloggers, advertisers, internet marketers, brand to promote their business. Once you publish an article on your blog/website, you need to share it among the big amount of audience to get traffic.

If you don’t expose your latest post on Social media then How others will come to know about your post.

Facebook Groups are the first and best way to expose your new post. As Facebook has the huge amount of users, you can drive a good amount of traffic to your blog by Sharing your Post into the Facebook Groups.

Are you a Blogger, internet marketers etc? Then, I hope you have joined lots of Blogging Facebook Groups or others of your Niche. But, if you share your posts in all Facebook Groups manually then It will eat a lot of valuable time.

Auto Post in Multiple Facebook Groups

Today, I’m going to Share my personal method to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once. That means you can share your latest or any post into multiple groups on Facebook may be 10, 20, 50 or 100+ in just 10 seconds.

The interesting point of this Facebook Auto Poster Trick is that you do not need any Auto Poster Script or Websites, It’s totally official and free.

Hope it will save your valuable time and internet data which would be consumed in browsing such Groups otherwise. Below are the tricks for posting in multiple groups without script or codes.

How to Auto Share your Post in Multiple Facebook Groups:

There are two processes you have to follow for Posting in all Facebook groups without Script.

  1. Collecting Email Addresses of Fb Groups: This step is not easy but also not difficult. It is a little bit time-consuming but the one-time process.
  2. Posting into Multiple FB Groups: This process you need to follow whenever you want to share your posts in these groups.

# To Collect Email Address of Fb Groups:

  • At first, you need to have a list of Username of all Facebook Groups where you want to share your post.
  • Open any Group in your browser and collect the Username from their URL. See the example from the URL of an Fb Group.

If the Facebook Group URL is
Then you need to collect Username which is “TricksGalaxy“.

  • Join lots of Facebook Groups in your niche and paste all the Username of all the Facebook Groups (where you want to post) into Notepad or any text editor.
  • Once you made a list of Username, you have to create Email Address of those groups from their username, don’t worry it’s too easy. Just add after username which will look like below e-mail.

  • Now you have the list of Email Address of that Fb Groups, just separate it with a comma (,)

# Trick to Post into Multiple Facebook Groups:

The main job/trick starts from here.

  • Login to your Email/Gmail which you have used to create your Facebook account or which is currently set as Primary Email in your FB Account.
  • After that, click on Compose mail option.
  • In BCC field, paste all email addresses which you have collected in above steps.
  • Now enter your mail/post with text, links etc whatever you want to post into those Groups and finally click on Send button. You’re done.
  • Now go to any of that Facebook Group, you will see your post has been successfully posted there.

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Final Thoughts:

Alternatively, you may also use Auto Poster Script Code which allows you to Publish your post in all Facebook Groups.

But, I recommend not to use them because of some security issues, you may get red-flagged or banned for sometimes for using that script and then you can’t post anything in any group in the banned period.

Here, I have shared the best method, one can call this the “Official Way to Share Post in Multiple Facebook Groups in One Click” without any Script Code Just Using Gmail. Hope you liked it. Share your feedback in comments.

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  1. Good Article, Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Amaranath,
      I hope this will help others also in Sharing their post in multiple Facebook Groups.
      Thanks for dropping a comment here. Keep visiting !

  2. Very nice info 🙂

  3. Thanks Now i can share my posts without going into any Facebook group 😀

  4. Hi Ajit,
    Very well written.
    I have tried this trick, and it is working fine.

    • Hello Anshul,

      I am happy to see you here, Yes, this facebook trick is working without any problem. Anyone can use this trick to post in all or multiple Facebook Groups in just one click. Thanks for your good compliments.
      Looking forward to hear more from you.

  5. thank you for your description
    but … how can i upload a pic with the topic to send to facebook grops

    • Hi,

      Attach your image in the mail and send it. Your topic will be posted in all selected Facebook Groups.

      Thanks for your comments. Keep visiting.

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing, I was searching for this since a long time.

  7. hi again
    but the pic dose not appear in the groups.. gust the topic…
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    did you try it ??

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  9. Hi Ajit,

    Great tip! However, i am unable to post pictures on the groups.

    I attached the pictures to the email, but only the text is posted on the groups. No pictures at all.

    Please help. Thanks!

    • Hello Arther,

      Unfortunately, You can’t post images using this tricks. You can post or share only Status in multiple Fb Groups in once click.

      I will share another method or tricks by which You can Auto Post in All or Selected Facebook Groups with Images, Links with full preview, Videos etc.

      Keep Visiting..!

  10. nice and amazing article with informative subject thanks

  11. Hii , this trick was works fine for me from 2 months but from 1 july 2015, it is not working, all emails are revert back to gmail. Is this techniques is closed permanently. plz help me

    • Hi Pawan,

      Yes, you’re right, this trick is working from long time.
      But after seeing you comment, I just checked a few second ago and it’s working fine. Kindly check it once again and share your feedback here.

      Moreover, I will share another best way to Post in All or Selected Facebook Groups/Pages, This trick is more simple and with lot of features and no need to collect email id of any facebook groups. Wait for next article/tutorial.

  12. hi, your tutorial is really helpful.

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    I was looking for auto posting tool but luckily got your post 🙂

    I tried & its working fine, but is there any way to show posts with link preview? As when we normally post a link, a preview generates automatically. It’s not happening in this case…
    Any suggestion?
    Seeking help

  16. Hello, Bro thanks for such great trick but this is no longer working at all. Please update it with new one.

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    Your trick not working any more.

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  28. Pranay Kumar says:

    Thanks, This is really awesome. You saved me a lots of money !!! God bless you !!!

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    also putting groups ids in bcc is not a hard fast rule as putting in to field does the trick.

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    if there is no username than
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    —————> ex.
    than what i can do………

    plz reply me fast on my email

  37. Thanks, but this did not work for me. I emailed from my yahoo account. the only thing that showed up in the one group I experimented with was my name and phone number, which was NOT part of my mailing. Can you help?

  38. Kapil Sharma says:

    Hi Ajit

    I tried to send messages on multiple groups through this technique, but it is not working.

    When i send post through my e mail then it shows an error. Below is the screen shot.
    Can you please guide in this regard.

    Kapil (mail me on this –

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    Its not working for me, Can you please help what wrong i am doing.

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