Six Easy Ways to Secure Your Android Device in 2017

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We have a lot of personal and sensitive data on our mobile devices these days, and the last thing you want is for some stranger to get their hands on this information. This is why you need to ensure you use property security for your Android device, as this can protect you from falling victim to this type of crime. Without security, anyone that finds or steals your phone can access your information in an instant. In addition, cyber-criminals such as hackers can gain access to data, just as they might on your PC.

Tips on Enhancing the Security of Android Device

Android devices have become hugely popular over recent years, with many people now owning an Android smartphone or tablet. These devices come from some of the biggest tech names in the world such as Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony, to name but a few. We get to enjoy all sorts of benefits from owning an Android, such as ease, convenience, flexibility, and great choice. However, one thing you need to be mindful of with any Android device is secure.

Tips to Secure Android Device

There are various ways in which you can enhance the security on your Android device, many of which are very simple yet effective methods. You can then enjoy far greater peace of mind and protection. So, let’s take a look at some popular and simple security methods that you can use on your Android device in 2017. Also you should checkout the list of best security app for Android.

#1 Use the Password/Privacy Setting:

It may sound obvious, but you should make sure you use the password or privacy setting on your device (screen lock). Create a password, PIN, or unique pattern and make it as difficult as possible so that it cannot be easily guessed by others. This will help to provide immediate protection in the event that you leave your phone lying around, lose it, or it gets stolen.

#2 Use an App Lock:

You may have a range of apps on your Android device that holds personal and sensitive information. It is well worth protecting these with an app lock to restrict access by others. You can get free apps that will enable you to do this with speed and ease, so you can enjoy peace of mind without having to pay anything extra.

#3 Network Security:

You need to protect your device against hackers, as this has become an increasingly common issue these days. Avoid using public WiFi wherever possible, especially if you are entering secure details. It is well worth installing a VPN and using that, as this will encrypt your information for protection even when using public WiFi. You can also use tools like WiFi Protector to try and reduce the risk of hacking attacks that could compromise your personal data.

#4 Download a Mobile Security app:

There are plenty of mobile security apps that you can use on your Android device, and these are simple yet very effective in terms of providing protection. You can either download a free app or opt for paid mobile security options. Although the basic functionality of both remains the same, the paid option provides you with much more features.

Mobile Security app can deal with a wide range of security issues and there are many different ones to choose from. They can help to protect against common issues such as malware on your mobile device.

#5 Install a Tracking App:

People lose their phones or have them stolen all the time these days. Apart from being an inconvenience, this can also be a huge worry because of the type of data and information we store on there. Installing a tracking app will help you to track down your device in the event that it goes astray.

Some of these apps can even switch on your GPS remotely if you haven’t already got it on. You can then boost the chances of retrieving your mobile device quickly and easily following loss or theft.

#6 Remote Wiping:

If your phone has been lost or stolen and you are worried about your information being accessed, you can enable remote wiping. This will basically wipe the information from your device even if you do not know where it is, which means that if anyone has or finds the device there will be no information on there for them to access.

This is a great feature in the event that your device goes astray and there is little to no chance of finding it.

Last Words:

With these security features, you can ensure you minimize the security risks when it comes to your smartphone or tablet. This means far greater peace of mind and valuable protection. Bearing in mind the type and level of data we now have on these devices, taking steps to protect your device is more important than ever. These solutions provide a simple and effective way of doing this without having to go to any unnecessary expense or inconvenience.

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