20 Best Unblocked Torrent Sites 2021to Download Latest Torrent Files for Free

Best Unblocked Torrents Sites 2019 is the topic that users started demanding after sharing Zbigz & Bytebx Premium Accounts.

Yeah, We received many emails asking for best torrent sites.

On users demand, I’m going to share Top 20 Best Popular Torrent Websites for 2021which you can use to get your desired torrent file anytime.

Torrents are the old yet powerful way of sharing any large amount of data anywhere over the Internet.

Yeah, it’s possible to download free Movies, Videos, Music, download software, Games, Wallpapers, Books etc, no matter whether it is pirated or banned, you’ll get it on these torrent sites for free.

The only problem with the Torrent site is that they get banned by Govt. or other respective authorities but you don’t have to worry about it.

The list I have shared in this post is of best high-quality torrent sites and most of these are working fine. We are continuously updating this list and will add/update it when we find anymore best torrent sites.

Recently, we have also shared free software downloading sites.

Before We Go, Let’s Learn about Torrent…!

What is Torrent?

Before we go to the list of torrent sites, let me tell you all the important information related to Torrent.

  • Seeders: Seeders are the people who seed or upload the file. The larger the number of seeders, a torrent will have more download speed.
  • Torrent: A torrent is basically a file extension (.torrent) for the torrent file which contains all the information like tracker & location of the downloading file. The reason of speed of downloading any torrent file depends on many factors like – Seeders, Leechers, Peers etc. To download the torrent files you need a torrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent etc. or download torrent using Zbigz or Bytebx.
  • Leechers: Leechers are the peoples who just download the file using a torrent client and then removes the torrent file from the client and hard disk.
  • Peers: Download the torrent files and sharing is known as Peers.
  • Magnet Link: This the link which contains all the information of a particular torrent file and use can directly use the “Magnet Link” to download your torrent file using a torrent client like Zbigz, Bytebx etc.

Top 20 Best Torrent Sites for 2019:

Best Torrent Sites

List of Top 20 Best Torrent Sites:

1KickAss Torrentshttps://katcr.co
2The Pirate Bayhttps://thepiratebay.org/
5YIFY Torrenthttps://www.yify-torrent.org/
8IsoHunt https://eztv.ag/
16Summo TorrentSummoTorrent.in
18Torrent Reactortorrentreactor.com
20Your BitTorrentYourBitTorrent.com

Best Unblocked Torrent Sites of 2019:

#1 KickAssTorrents (KAT): Most Popular Torrent Site

KickAss Torrents

KickAssTorrents is the most popular torrent site that maintained their popularity as one of the best sites for torrenting.

On Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or Websites, whenever or wherever we talk about torrent sites, KickAss Torrent always comes on the list.

KickAssTorrent (KAT) is founded in 2009 and now it is the biggest best torrent download sites available right now.

KAT is seized by the Department of Justice a few months back, but it’s back now for the users.

I’ll recommend this fastest torrent site for my readers. KicAssTorrent might be blocked by ISP in most of the countries but you can use Elite Proxy Servers or VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass the restriction easily in order to unlock this top torrent site.

I mainly download software & games via KickAss Torrent. It’s a really awesome site and that is why KAT is listed #1 on this list of best torrent sites.

Site URLs:

    1. Torrent Site: https://katcr.co/
    2. Torrent Search engine: https://kickasstop.net/

#2 ThePirateBay: The galaxy’s most resilient BitTorrent site

The Pirate Bay

ThePirateBay (in short TPB) is another best torrent sites for 2019.

It is a torrent tracker directory site on the Internet where any newcomer can upload or download virus-free torrent files (Movie files, software, games, mp3 music files, videos etc).

The Piracy Bay is founded in September 2003 for sharing files among their co-workers and now established as one of the big names in top best torrent sites.

The Pirate Bay is the largest directory of pirated and non-pirated Computer Games, Softwares, Movies, Music, TV shows, eBooks and much other stuff. Most of the users use Piracy Bay to download movies for free.

Even TPB is piracy king, it is SSL encrypted torrent site to stop spam attacks.

#3 ExtraTorrent: The World’s Largest BitTorrent System


ExtraTorrent (originally Extratorrent.cc) is the name which first comes in my mind whenever anyone talks about the best torrent sites.

Yeah, let me tell you it’s my favourite torrent site.

ExtraTorrent is founded in 2006 and like Piracy Bay and KickAssTorrent, it’s official mirror sites are blocked by ISP many times in several countries, you need ExtraTorrent unblocker site or you can simply unblock ExtraTorrent by using proxies.

#4 TorrentZ2: Best Torrent Search Engine

Torrenz2 is basically a torrent search engine where you can search for your desired torrent file just as Google.

You can search for any file and it will directly show the results of other torrent sites.

Yeah, Torrentz2 made it easy for you to find any torrent file just in one step, actually this site will fetch data from all other torrent sites and displays it to you, otherwise you’ll need to visit each torrent sites one by one and then you have to search or browse to find that torrent file.

When you search for anything on Torrentz2, they will provide related files with File Size, Uploaded Date, No. of downloads, No. of Peers, No. of Seeders and Leechers etc. I usually use this awesome torrent site when I’m not sure about my file whether I will get it easily or not.

So, instead of wasting too much time visiting different torrent sites, you can directly use any good torrent search engine like Torrentz2 to get them easily.

#5 YIFY Torrent:

YIFY Torrent

YIFY Torrent was born 3 years ago, since then it got the awesome boost in popularity and became another best torrent file download site with a huge number of Movies and other files in their database of torrents.

Recently, I noticed that YIFY started going viral among torrent geeks and that is why this site is listed as #5 in our list.

It’s nearly impossible to get tons of exposure and the huge amount of audience within the short period but the YIFY-Torrent site made it possible.

Now, I can say, this is one of the best and safe torrent sites to download your favourite movies.


Checkout: RARBG Proxy & Mirror Links (Working)

Rarbg.to is truly the most popular torrent download site that easily provides torrent files.

And, at Rarbg, you can get almost all type of files such as Movies, Music, Games, Software, HD Trailers, Songs, Images, eBooks etc.

It is the completely free, fast, secure and powerful torrent site. The only bad things about Rarbg is their annoying pop-up ads, that’s really disgusting but on another side, they use the high-quality theme with the static navigation bar.

The only bad things about Rarbg is their annoying pop-up ads, that’s really disgusting but on another side, they use the high-quality theme with the static navigation bar.

Rarbg is overall, providing awesome service to its users, anyone can download torrent files with no need for registrations.

  • Site URL: https://rarbg.to
  • Status: Working in many countries including India

#7 EZTV Torrent:

EZTV Torrent was started in May 2005. As the name implies, EZTV is the best torrent site to download TV Shows.

Yeah, it is the best torrent place to find any type of TV Program, provides both .torrent files and the magnet links for each TV Program.

EZTV Torrent site uses very clean them with simple UI to make their site User-Friendly and well-optimized for fast loading.

So, if you want to download episodes of any TV shows that you can give a try to EZTV Torrent site, every they provide the list of latest episodes on the Homepage of the site without registration.

  • Site URL: https://eztv.ag/
  • Status: Working Torrent Site in many countries including India

#8 IsoHunt:

IsoHunt Torrent

IsoHunt was first launched as IsoHunt.com but unfortunately, it was shut down after two weeks by MPAA in 2013.

After shutdown, IsoHunt.to was launched and it’s started getting traffic and gaining their popularity very fast.

This torrent site doesn’t have any relation with old isohunt.com.

The design as well as other things- are almost same and style of this torrent site is very impressive with the very light theme and smooth User-Interface and for that reason, IsoHunt is getting missions of hits per day.

If interested, you can try IsoHunt.to, they also provide various type of torrents from different categories for download the torrent file.

  • Site URL: https://isohunt.to/
  • Status: Working fine in India and Many Other countries.

#9 LimeTorrents.in

LimeTorrents is very good torrent downloading sites.

This site is the very old part of the best torrenting sites list and initially, it was not so popular but for last two years it gains their frame, popularity & audience very quickly and for sure, it will be one of the best torrent sites of 2019.

Like other good torrent sites, Lime Torrents also provide torrents from various categories like Movies torrents, software, games torrents, music torrents, TV Show’s episodes, etc. UI is also impressive if you wish you can visit this torrent site, URL is given below.

  • Site URL: LimeTorrents.in
  • Status: Works well in Most & blocked in few countries.

#10 BitSnoop.com:

BitSnoop is very big and the best torrent site known for its big database of torrent files.

This torrent site provides very good quality torrent files for downloading for free.

The best part of BitSnoop is that they have one active group of the team who removes the Trojans and virus-rich torrent files quickly.

Even they ban the users who spam or who upload any type of virus-infected torrent files.

So, we can also include BitSnoop under the list of best safest torrent sites of 2019 for providing the safe torrent downloading facility and that is why it is listed under top 10 in best torrent sites here.

  • Site URL: https://bitsnoop.com/
  • Status: Works Well

Other Best Torrent Sites for 2019:

#11 1337x.to

#12 http://www.torrenthounds.com

#13 SeedPeer.eu

#14 https://www.torrentfunk.com

#15 https://www.torlock.com

#16 SummoTorrent.in

#17 MiniNova.org

#18 TorrentReactor.com

#19 Demonoid.ph

#20 YourBitTorrent.com

Best Unblocked Torrents (Conclusion):

So, guys, this was the list of best torrent sites for 2019. In this list, some of the sites are good torrent downloading sites and some are the best torrent search engine.

I hope by using these sites, you can easily search, find and download your desired torrent files without any problem. Also check Top 10 Best Torrent Downloader App for Android, Mac, Windows 2019.

I know you’ll need zbigz, bytebx to download torrent at the faster speed. So, here is Bytebx premium and Zbigz premium account.

If you’ve any question about this topic the let me know in comments and don’t forget to share your views and share this post with your friends to help them. Also comment below which is your favourite and best torrent site..?

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  2. yifybrowser.com is a website that allows downloading HD-quality movies, films that are new to theaters or are playing theaters. You can also view the reviewer’s reviews. Especially the web has no ads. This is my favorite website

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