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  1. THank you mr. Ajit for sharing this premium account with us 🙂

  2. jathinraju says:

    Thanks a lot.This premium account is really helpful , otherwise I’ll still be using my free account of filestream.me

  3. Thanks 4 sharing this premium account Ajit

  4. Your premium account is valid till january 7,2016 and now it is expired

  5. pls update acct
    its expired

  6. Thanks for sharing,,, but it is expired please update it !

  7. Spandan Samanta says:

    A ton of thanks for the account, but now its expired 🙁

  8. Thanks Ajit 4 bytebx pre. ac you r the best. 🙂

  9. Some jerk changed the password pls change it back thx

  10. Bad login and password

  11. Bad login and password for bytebx

  12. please update the password because it is changed by someone

  13. Thanks for informing.

    The password is updated.

  14. Hello Sir, i have a problem You entered an invalid email or password.
    Before 20 days,already worked,your tricks.
    Please solved me and i’m appreciate your worked.

    • Someone has changed the password of our Zbigz premium account. That’s why it was giving you invalied email/password error.

      I have updated it now. Enjoy these premium accounts.

      Thanks for your comments. Keep visiting.

  15. Thanks…password is working 🙂

  16. password has been changed by someone

  17. someone changed the password 🙁

  18. Please update the password,someone changed it

  19. Please update the password asap

  20. plzzzz udate pasword

  21. Thank U Bro, Great for your sharing.

  22. Doing great job my friend.

  23. plz send the username and password

  24. Nw its restrictive hmm goodbye tricksgalaxy

  25. bro ap ne humesha ap ki site pe user name and pass rkhte the but abhi ap ne kuch alag kr diya h jis ki wjes e user name pass nahi arha bro plss update kro na m kabhi pass nhi chnge karta bro pls help mee

  26. bhai admin . is may to password show nhi kr raha hai or servay krne ko keh rha hai or servay ho nhi rha hai please help me.

  27. what is the new password, kindly give it

  28. [email protected] says:

    It does not work for me.i completed the survey but still the page is asking for survey.I think its over.Thank Ajit and I am also from patna(Phulwari Sharif)..

  29. password bytebx is changed. please update it

  30. Anbarasan k says:

    Zbigz Premium by TricksGalaxy.com.zip file was not downloading

  31. Byte bx password not working…

  32. I’m not able to complete the survey, please help me… 🙁

  33. reply dona admin

  34. khraw nongkynrih says:
  35. u r the BEST

  36. thanx bro u have big heart

  37. Thanks a lot, Brother!!! It helps a lot..!! Respect from Pakistan…!!! Keep Updating It..!!! 😀

  38. bhai ye nahi khul rahaa.

  39. Password Change for Zbigz premium account

  40. Password Changed Not Working Fix Soon

  41. someone change a password.

  42. who is the ass that keeps changing the password all time..

  43. Password Updated…

  44. update the password please.

  45. please upload my file

  46. not working!

  47. bad login

  48. Someone changed the password.

  49. Is premium account functionality closed?
    incorrect email and password error when i tried to used the button.

  50. Please update the Link ,it is not working now

  51. Password changed

  52. i cant not file uplaad

  53. Thanks For the Premium Account!

  54. not working buddy ……plis update it

  55. wishvathsalman says:

    please dnt delete others files guys

  56. wishvathsalman says:

    now is not working please update now

    and thank you so much Mr. Ajit Ray

  57. wishvathsalman says:

    hi guys plz don’t delete other’s personal files
    delete your files after download
    plz plz don’t misuse this service
    because Ajit Ray share genuine premium account
    so users also use it in genuine way
    don’t change the password
    don’t touch others files please guys

  58. Update the password, please

  59. You Great..

  60. password changed

  61. Nishanth VM says:

    Thank You… It’s Working.. Well , it would be nice if other users didn’t delete my torrents…

  62. Hello,
    Zbigz is not working again, please see to it.
    Thanks for sharing . 🙂

  63. Zbigz password has been changed, please see into it

  64. dimitri fei says:

    cant find the password and id

  65. gaurav damor says:

    not working

  66. Nishanth VM says:

    thanks dude , its working

  67. incorrect login!!!

  68. sahilmittal says:

    bhai zbigz a/c baar baar logout ho jata hai,bookmark karke bhi dekh liya help bro koi aur way batao

    • Actually, many users are using that zbigz premium account.

      So, to avoid logout problem you can use it in night, morning or in some other times when only a few or no one use it.

  69. id password kya h..

    • Hey Manish,

      No need to enter any ID & Password.

      Just click on “Zbigz Premium Account Login” button to access this premium account.

      That’s it.

  70. thankz man itz working gr888

  71. wishvathsalman says:

    pass changed again

  72. gaurav damor says:

    link is not working

  73. Ajit Ray, login details???

  74. “Bad login or password, try again” when click on the button.

  75. somebody changed the password “bitch please”

  76. KawagamaEnock says:

    someone just changed the password again!!

  77. Ike Success says:

    Bad login pal.Pls help

  78. someone change the password please update it

  79. update the pass bro 🙁

  80. Akhilesh Kumar says:

    Zbigz password is changed please look into this.

  81. Update the password, please

  82. LOLGuy999 says:

    Not working. Update the link please!

    Thank You!

  83. bad login or password

  84. Bad Login issue

  85. zbigz pass changed !!

  86. mohammed malek says:

    The password of Zbigz has been changed .It doesnt open.Thanks for taking so much efforts.Really helpful

  87. Bad login 🙁

  88. Good work brother .it is very useful.

  89. someone changed the password

  90. update please

  91. Someone changing the password again bro…plzz help also the bytebx ..

  92. Plz mail ur zbigz username and password

  93. what is acct name and password?

  94. Hafizh 3028 says:

    Zbigz account can’t acces since a week ago.. 🙁

  95. vinoblack says:

    not working

  96. bad login and password fix please

  97. Hello Ajit, ZbigZ Premium is ON Until 27 April 2016. Please Extend ZbigZ Premium.

  98. error = Bad login and password,try again

    kindly fix above error

  99. ZBIGZ DEAD, please update ajiit. 🙂

  100. Hello Ajit, Today is 27 April 2016 and ZbigZ Premium is OFF. Please Extend ZbigZ Premium

  101. Siddharth Gotawala says:

    plz update account info

  102. Sai Chakradhar says:

    dear ajit,
    please mail me the username and password.
    mail:[email protected]

  103. please update….thank you

  104. please update..someone changed password

  105. It says “Bad login or password”. Help please.

  106. zbigz doesnt work anymore plz update

  107. Shivanshu Sharma says:

    not working….

  108. ajit accnt ta kaaj hocce na……….plz update koro tratri

  109. JohnB Zombie says:

    Thank u sosooooo much…. Ur the best..

  110. amazing.. A ton Of thanks to you. may god bless you… we love you

  111. it is dead

  112. it says bad login . plz update… i have one file stuck at 96% in IDM and cant get this page up for refreshing the link

  113. bad login or password 🙁

  114. Someone changed your password for on both zbigz and bytebx! 🙁
    It shows bad login/password

  115. Angelolo says:

    Its not working anymore…

  116. login and password changed ….
    plz give new ones…..

  117. Please update~

  118. please give me username and password

  119. Saying bad login or password. plz solve it

  120. bad wrong login password details plz update ir bro

  121. muhammadaamir says:

    password not working

  122. Password changed plz upload new one

  123. Akash Patil says:

    Great share Ajit, Zbigz is the best torrent leeching service.

    Ps- guys don’t panic if password is changed, Just pjng him via email or Facebook. He will help you out.

  124. Thanks alot for premium account ajit bhai

  125. Thanks for providing the premium account logins, the only problem I have is someone remove my files before I download it and I already had informed the group members about this.
    But apart from this premium account is amazing and thank you once again to Ajit

  126. works like a charm no problem what so ever ,keep doing the same so that all of us get benefited by your post

  127. Thanks for providing the premium account. Its awesome with great downloading speed

  128. Jiss Mathew says:
  129. Thanks bro It really worked

  130. thanks a lot it’s really awesome

  131. thanks a lot it’s really awesome. Nice work

  132. Kaivan Doshi says:

    It works! thanks man 🙂

  133. The accounts are great.But the files are getting deleted everytime. But thanks for the help

  134. thank u bro for premium account

  135. thanks Ajit!!!

  136. Mukunth Subramaniam says:

    Thank you bro ! Both zbigz and byebx working fine 🙂

  137. Kishore Behera says:

    Probably the best site to get free premium accounts.

  138. Its really awesome and working. Zbigz premium is the best torrent leecher i have ever experienced.

  139. Very good service thank-you.

  140. Sorry bro i didnt get the username and password kindly reply me

  141. so good information !! thank for sharing !!

  142. Sourav Kausal Guria says:

    Password has changed….plzz help..thanks….

  143. Plz send user ID and password of zbigz

  144. Bro why survey system its too bad please use add system how many you want remove survey… Please please please….

  145. plz send username and password

  146. Thanks for sharing zbigz account I was Eagerly waiting for this.

  147. ujjawal tyagi says:

    is aacount still working ?plz send password,[email protected]

  148. Is it possible to send password every time u change it to everyone who is subscribe instead of individuals asking for the same password

  149. Adam Abid says:

    Thanks for sharing bro.

  150. Plz tell me where is the password And the username

  151. very nice premium account

  152. Pavan Kumar says:

    thanks for premium account but somebody changed the password can you please help me with new password

  153. thanks

  154. Please I need the username and password also. Thanks

  155. sir someone has changed the password. Please help. Thanks.

  156. Update the password bro..
    Thanks in advance


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