Top 10 Best Calculator Apps for Android 2017

Calculator Apps for Android: Are you looking for the best calculator apps for Android? You came to the right place. It could be difficult to sort and pick the most suitable calculator apps

Today I am going to share with top 10 best calculator apps to use on your Android device right now. So, without any further ado let’s scroll down to find more info about the best calculator Android apps. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Calculator Apps for Android

Best Free Calculator Apps for Android

Calculator by Google

Google Calculator

Google Calculator is simple calculator app – comes pre-installed in all smartphones which are powered by Android OS. So I guess you all have used this app for at least once. But if you didn’t then let me tell you the Google Calculator application is ideal for daily use.

The unsophisticated user interface and smoothness makes it a pleasant choice. With the help of this calculator app, you can do every basic action, such as multiplication, subtraction and division, etc. Also, it has the aptitude to handle some scientific process, for instance, logarithm, trigonometry, constants and exponentials.

You will get all the answers for your calculations instantly in the Google Calculator app. And as I mentioned above the UI will give you a fine experience. On the other hand, this app perfectly works with Android Wear which allows you to execute calculations from your smartwatch.

Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

Calculator ++

Calculator ++ Calculator App

The User Interface of Calculator ++ is very akin to Google Calculator. So if you haven’t impressed by Google Calculator then definitely it’s a good alternative for you. This application loaded with two differed layouts, Standard and Engineer. The Standard proffers general calculator tools accompanied by multi-digit support, one-tap copy/paste and lots of other basic math tools. To utilize advanced tools for your math difficulties such as logarithms, trigonometry, powers, you have to use Engineer mode.

This calculator app proposes automatic solutions for the users so that everyone can swiftly enter values and obtain results. Also the gesture trait enhances the overall experience. You can alter themes anytime plus add this on your smartphones homescreen for rapid approach. One of the great aspects of this app is the floating window, which allows you to do all calculations on top of other applications.

Calculator ++
Developer: Sergey Solovyev
Price: Free+

Calculator Plus Free

Calculator Plus Free

Calculator Plus is one of those apps who provide you a practical handheld digital calculator experience. You can utilize this to perform all kinds of basic functions for rapid calculations. This app proffers a memory aspect as well, which is found on most digital calculators to collect and recall sums from the earlier period. And if you require the scientific calculator then you ought to download a companion application by approaching the main menu of this app.

One of the best things about the scientific calculator app is it offers several modes for various users which including Complex, Matrix, Equation and Graph mode. So you will get everything that you expect from the scientific calculator. And don’t be worried about your current calculators as this app stores a full record of them and never forgets them even if you close the application. You can check your history and performed steps simply by opening the app at any time.

Calculator Plus Free

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator App Apk

One of the prime dilemmas we all have face when attempt to crack math equations by using a calculator app is entering the data utilizing the screen buttons. Normally, most of us are fond of writing and solving questions on a paper, so a quick switch to on screen buttons makes things a bit difficult. But with MyScript Calculator say goodbye to these troubles. Because it permits you to use your hand or a stylus pen to write equations then the app will convert them to a digital equation.

MyScript Calculator answers equations in real-time and fills every gap that you mistakenly left while drawing. I am using this application for a while and till now I didn’t faced any types of problem. Personally, I recommend you to utilize a stylus pen while working with this app for a better experience. It upholds every general action, for example, constants, brackets, exponentials, trigonometry and logarithms. If you are not so familiar with digital calculators then this app is a reliable solution.

MyScript Calculator
Developer: MyScript
Price: Free

Calculator by ASUS

Calculator by ASUS

Calculator by Asus isn’t the most advanced app in this list but it is a dependable one when you require a straightforward application for this purpose. The beautiful big buttons and elegant themes make every user happy while writing data. To jump between different modes just tilt your smartphone.

Also, Calculator by Asus is the calculator app which is launched with a built-in unit converter that makes the converting extremely easy. You can convert nearly everything like convert length, weight, volume, speed, and area measurements. On top of that, you can do all these with the help of its floating widget without opening the app.


CALCU Calculator App

If you are among those who doesn’t want a simplistic app and wish to have app that provides lots of advanced and customizations then CALCU is the perfect choice for you. You can customize various things like your calculator’s looks, layouts, buttons, etc. CALCU has tons of themes to choose from so you can alter everything on a daily basis if you want.

Not only just customization but you will also get tons of helpful aspects like scientific calculator, gesture support, real-time results, complete history, Samsung multi-window support and more.


One++ Calculator Apk

One++ is another highly developed calculator application for this job. It is packed with massive amount of formulas to crack math question, physics and economics dilemmas. You can find the answers instantly by using formulas for acceleration, light, body mass, rhombus, sphere, velocity, capitalization ratio, depreciation and more than thousand other formulas.

With the assist of One++  calculator app’s advanced integrated converter you can convert numerous things like, energy, frequency, mass, pressure, radioactivity and lots more. To find a formula quickly utilize the search trait and also categories.

One++ Calculator
Developer: Sascha Haubold
Price: Free+

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

After staring at the name I am sure many of you imagined about how it will work, right? GeoGebra solely concentrates on cracking the graph functions utilized in geometric actions. This app permits you to perform calculus, statistics, geometry and algebra.

GeoGebra developed with an uncomplicated User Interface so that its users can make graphs and shapes without facing any complexity. In order to create a graph, all you need to do is drag and drop the shapes then use your fingers to control your graphs.

Each and every mathematical order is accessible which provides you absolute control over your graphs. On top of that, you can observe real-time modifications in your calculations and variables in the underside window, while you are functioning on a graph.



Are you an accountant or a business owner? If Yes! Then CalcNote is ready to assist you. By far this application is the most suitable for organizing accounts and finances. Within CalcNote the problems are listed in the left side and the solutions are in the right side. If you wish then you can alter the result into Hexadecimal, Octal or Binary.

Calculating taxes becomes very with this application and also link up calculations by joining the lines. Not only just that, if don’t like the default look of this app utilize the built-in themes to modify the overall design.

CalcNote - Notepad Calculator

CalcTape Free Tape Calculator

CalcTape Free Tape Calculator

CalcTape is a basic and straight forward calculator that uses the old-school method to display the results. It allows you to examine the alteration of any math in real time so that you can perform the edits when required. Like above-featured apps, you can also change the look and button color, style, etc inside the app.

CalcTape has two versions, one is free and other one is paid. You will see couple of advertisements while using the free version. To get rid of these ads you will need to spend the small amount of money for unlocking the premium version. Hence, the pro version provides you loads of useful aspects, for instance, tax calculation, save calculations made, adjust layout, obtain numerous layouts and distribute your calculations to simplify you task.

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Best Calculator App (Final Words):

So, this was the list of Top 10 Best Free Calculator Apps for Android 2017 that you can install on your Android smartphone and use it for calculations. Hope you’ve liked this list. Kindly, share this article with your friends so they can also come to know about this Calculator Apps. Don’t forget to comment which is your favorite Calculator App for your Android?

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